The management of silence made Bosh’s dissatisfaction with the Miami or Dragon King give up because -e3300

The management of silence made Bosh’s dissatisfaction with the Miami or because of salary cap space to give up Bosh Dragon Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 1st, according to the "Sun Sentinel" reported that Chris Bosh has said he has to return. But the heat side has not been so far on this position, it is such an attitude to make Bosh unhappy. Bosh and his wife recently frequently drying out photos and videos on social media training. Miami team reporter IRA Digmann said this is the Bosh temperature, the pressure to Miami management, that attitude — he is ready to return. Just like last season’s playoffs, the Bosh family has done so. Miami new season training camp will be held on September 28th opening, many players have appeared in the American Airlines arena. But from the video uploaded by Bosh, he has been training alone, and there is no heat coach team members. Until now, the heat has refused to comment on whether Bosh will return to play. Bosh’s current contract has a total value of $76 million over the next 3 years, with an annual salary of $23 million 700 thousand next season. If before February 10th next year, Bosh did not represent the heat played 1 games, then the heat will be able to remove the contract from the salary cap in the Bosh. But the truth is, it’s not that simple. For Bosh, he wants to play, and will be very strong. From the perspective of Miami, to Bosh’s salary cap is removed from the contract, should be jointly appointed by a NBA and the players union doctors agree — Bosh cannot continue to play, because once it will continue to play the end of life or occupation career. On the other hand, the heat will also consider cutting, or put Bosh on the shelf. From the team coach Eric Spoelstra recent comments not ugly, Bosh is not within the long-term plan of miami. The 32 year old Bosh has been in the League for an expedition of the last year, he played for the heat last season, the team played a total of 53 minutes, averaging out for a total of 33.5 minutes, to hand over the data of 19.1 points, 7.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists.相关的主题文章: