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The man home for divorce was mistress two couples killed postmortem original title: Men’s demand for divorce was mistress wife two people killed late postmortem Qingyang Huachi County accident pull pile murder case a man surnamed Zhao and his mistress in order to achieve the purpose of marriage, he found the door to divorce her husband, did not think the mistress asked. It was his mistress and her husband killed postmortem, and forged the man’s death scene. However, the Huachi County in the case of the police investigation process, they found many doubts, and seized the case! January 15, 2016 17 am, Qingyang City Huachi County traffic police brigade received instruction: in the arms of Anxiang Liugou door Zhang Lao Zhuang Road 5km+500m department in Huachi County a car into the soil under the cliff, the driver injury is unknown. The traffic police brigade alarm, immediately organized the police on duty rushed to the scene. After the initial site investigation, the accident occurred at 23:20 on January 14th or so, police think this is a department of unilateral death of the ordinary traffic accident one. However, in January 18th, Huachi County Public Security Bureau in charge of the leadership and the accident brigade responsible person to end police report, but found the case: first, the existence of doubt blurred Zhao before the accident activities; two, the Zhao the road, time does not match the trajectory with normal travel; three, phone positioning there is evidence that, after the accident, Zhao’s lover left a had reached the scene of the accident, but also left a confession Its loopholes appeared one after another. After the two re inspection site and comprehensive forensic autopsy report, police found the car collision injury and the corresponding point does not match, the deceased had been injured. The police also found on the surveillance video, the deceased finally trajectory should be on the left a door. 1 20 April, Huachi County Public Security Bureau held a special case report, and immediately set up "1· 14 case task force, to solve the case. Day 22, Huachi County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron will be five jiao the deceased lover left a husband Zhu brought to the police brigade tushen. In a strong psychological tactics, Zhu confessed to their crimes. But this time, still left some denials of interference investigation, in view of this, vice captain Pang Hao left and launched a 6 hour long psychological offensive. In January 21st 1, left a final psychological defense collapsed, the cry of the whole process of the case to the police. (special correspondent Zhang Mingxiang) editor: Mao min SN184

男子上门要求情妇离婚 反被夫妻二人杀害抛尸   原标题:男子找上门要求情妇离婚反被夫妻二人杀害抛尸   庆阳深夜车祸牵出一桩情杀案   华池县一名赵姓男子为达到与情妇结婚的目的,竟找上门去,要求情妇的丈夫离婚,没想到却被情妇及其丈夫杀害抛尸,并伪造了该男子车祸死亡的现场。然而,天网恢恢,华池县警方在案件侦办过程中,却发现了诸多疑点,并一举查获了此案!   2016年1月15日17时许,庆阳市华池县交警大队接到指令:在华池县怀安乡柳沟门张老庄公路5km+500m处有一小轿车坠入土崖下,驾驶人伤情不明。交警大队接警后,立即组织值班民警赶赴现场。   经现场初步勘查,事故发生在1月14日23时20分左右,办案民警认为这是一起系单方死亡一人的普通道路交通事故。   然而,1月18日,华池县公安局分管领导和事故大队相关负责人听取完办案民警的汇报后,却发现案件存在疑点:   一、死者赵某肇事前活动情况模糊不清;二、死者赵某出现的路段、时段不符合正常出行的活动轨迹;三、电话定位有证据显示,事故发生后,赵某生前的情人左某曾到达过事故现场,而且左某的口供漏洞百出。   经过二次复验现场及综合法医的尸检报告,警方发现死者伤情和车内碰撞对应点并不吻合,死者有生前已受伤的嫌疑。办案民警比对监控录像也发现,死者生前最后活动轨迹应该是在左某门前。   1月20日,华池县公安局召开案件专题汇报会,并立即成立“1·14案件”专案组,全力侦破此案。   当天22时,华池县公安局交警大队五蛟中队将死者生前情人左某的丈夫朱某带到刑警大队进行突审。在强大的攻心战术下,朱某对其犯罪事实供认不 讳。而此时,左某仍然百般抵赖干扰侦查视线,鉴于此,副大队长庞昊与左某展开长达6小时的心理攻势。1月21日1时,左某最终心理防线崩溃,向办案民警哭 诉了案件发生的全过程。(特约记者 张明祥) 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: