The latest OCAT Exhibition – a stubborn projection Geng exhibition opening

The latest OCAT Exhibition "- a stubborn projection Geng Exhibition" opened September 24th ": a stubborn projection Geng Exhibition" opened mystery. OCAT Shanghai Museum by A, B two, build like a maze of situation, the latest imaging device works the artist created in 2016. This exhibition has long maintained Geng "go to work" creative attitude. In the artist’s transformation, hand-held illuminating lamp and signal lamp five with a projected image function of different styles, the reaction vector inside the hall twenty-two concrete pillar into images, and through the maze of wall posts by isolation, make the audience thinking for the association between daily life and time, overall, isolated.   site of the exhibition venue from   see that copper is leading failure was covered with a cloth in the winter without freezing the roof water tank completely out of shape of a crack and several inconspicuous hole hanging underneath the moving rust this summer continuous high temperature leaves wither in the light of land as hard as stone except the coffee as the water runs no movement of empty sky did not see a trace of rain water off the long cloud is not dried up several channels dry coiled under the floor lay red centipede mosquitoes can not fly with wings that have disappeared a few flower blooming in vain caterpillars soon reach dry pale flowers can climb in these days to do a dream to have the night dream never declared to the dark thick used to fill holes and slots all heard what unshakable will not see when something in Of course there should be what happens really happened to a new day single word does not fall again to religious behavior impeccable faithful audio-visual bugs in their place by air without restraint again accurate blending of the sweet smell of the ground to press the concealed the existence of around 100 millipede no foot fracture remains have traces of signs of life dignified secretly proud exception three lattice honeycomb like a seed adsorbed on the shrub branch not expansion is wise to classic survival is not so new feeling rejected no matter how much effort will be in time next time and craft defeat time believers the heathen will be resolved in time                                           ;               by     Geng;   the wall no punctuation of the text is the preface of the exhibition of the artist Geng Jianyi, is also a hint of the whole work, he hoped that the audience can breath to read the whole passage, to produce an image feeling, watching the exhibition also like reading the text.     inner day of projection screen相关的主题文章: