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The knight in 2014 had signed Vladimir risk exposure was behind the help aid Laixin anti warriors – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on February 19th, according to ESPN reports, in an interview, the Cavaliers general manager David Griffin has revealed during the 2014 offseason, the team had almost signed frye. In the season before the trade deadline, a three party transaction between the knights, magic and pioneers, including Vallejo knight was sent to Portland, and was sent to the Magic Knight frye. In fact, as early as 2014 Knight expect Frye, but after James’s return to knight’s salary space changes, missed the final by Frye, who at the time also choose to join magic. "Frye is our understanding of the players. The ability of his height and manufacturing space to attack, we will have a positive impact, "Griffin said," he is very suitable for our team, both on and off the court, so, we are looking forward to join the Knights’." So far this season, Frye averaged 5.2 can send 3.2 1.0 rebounds and assists. As a player, Frye qualified for the center and power forward position on the pitch, it is worth noting that he also has a decent shot, NBA occupation career so far, his three pointer hit rate was 38.7%. In the eyes of Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue, fry to join, will help the Knights use a small lineup, thus to fight like warriors team. "As one of four players, he has the ability to attack and create space, and his body is more tall, he can help you, because now you will have a small team of nearly 7 feet (2 m 13) players." Tyronn Lue said. (Fu Yun) 曝骑士2014年曾险签弗莱 新援获力挺有助抗勇士-搜狐体育     北京时间2月19日,据ESPN报道,在接受采访时,骑士总经理大卫-格里芬透露,在2014年休赛期,球队曾险些签下弗莱。   在本赛季交易截止日之前,骑士、魔术和开拓者之间完成了一笔三方交易,其中瓦莱乔被骑士送至开拓者,而弗莱被魔术送至骑士。   其实骑士早在2014年就希望得到弗莱,不过之后詹姆斯的回归,令骑士的薪金空间产生变化,最终无缘得到弗莱,后者当时也选择加盟魔术。   “弗莱是我们了解的球员。他的身高以及制造进攻空间的能力,对于我们来说都会产生积极影响,”格里芬说道,“他很适合我们的团队,在场上场下都是如此,我们很期待弗莱能加盟骑士。”   本赛季至今,弗莱场均能送出5.2分3.2个篮板1.0次助攻。作为一名大个球员,弗莱在球场上能够胜任中锋和大前锋的位置,值得注意的一点是,他还拥有不俗的中远投能力,NBA职业生涯至今,他的三分球命中率为38.7%。   在骑士主帅泰伦-卢看来,弗莱的加盟,将会有助于骑士使用小个阵容,从而去对抗像勇士这样的球队。   “作为一名四号位球员,他有能力去制造进攻空间,并且他的身材更加高大,他能够对你有所帮助,因为现在你打小个阵容时将会有一位近7尺(2米13)的球员在场上。”泰伦-卢坦言。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: