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UnCategorized With a deep understanding of the key .mercial imperatives, such as the ability to build rapport and trust with key stakeholders to achieve desired results, Nir Ben-Zvi has strong insights on how .panies need to adapt their people practices to stay .petitive and efficient. Nir Ben-Zvi is Microsoft Principal Program Manager, File Services Division. Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for a multitude of .puting devices. Microsoft software includes scalable operating systems for servers, personal .puters (PCs) and intelligent devices; server applications for client/server environments; knowledge worker productivity applications; and software development tools. The .pany’s online efforts include the MSN network of Internet products and services and alliances with .panies involved with broadband access and various forms of digital interactivity. Microsoft also licenses consumer software programs; sells hardware devices; provides consulting services; trains and certifies system integrators and developers; and researches and develops advanced technologies for future software products. Having the .petence to develop and maintain an organization and technical structure to support The function of the .pany is Avner Ben-Zvi. Avner Ben-Zvi is Allalouf Chief Information Officer. Having a broad understanding of the business and the ability to interpret (map) the .pany’s Requirements to be able apply the IT resources with balancing qualities like intellect, self-confidence and simplicity Avner Ben-Zvi is an epitome of a great chief Information officer. He strongly believes that a good chief information officer is like a bank of river for the firm which does not obstruct the flow of river but helps the river to flow with proper force in desired direction . Jacob Ben-Zvi is Wintegra CEO/President/Chairman/Founder. Wintegra, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor .pany that enables .munications infrastructure equipment providers to migrate their product lines toward the next generation of access networks with a family of single chip solutions. Jacob Ben-Zvi and teams mission is to be the #1 provider of protocol-handling .ponents in the access infrastructure. Its WinPath access packet processor family offers best in class aspects of ASICs, network processors, .munications processors, and .munications peripherals, creating a new approach to protocol handling. Wintegra has announced more than 25 design wins with numerous customers including Tier 1s, and announced production in June 2002. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: