The history of new romantic die Yan Ni taught Du Chun fragment show class 1256789

"Romantic" history of the latest Yan Ni die fragment to teach Du Chun to "show class" Yan Ni Du Chun produced by the Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd. Dongyang emperor motion pictures, the company co produced, director Ge You, Cheng ears, Zhang Ziyi, Asano Chunobu, Du Chun, Zhong Xintong, Ni Dahong, Zhao Baogang, Yuan Quan, Yan Ni, Han Geng Huo Siyan, Du Jiang, Wang Zhuanjun, Zhong Hanliang, Ma Xiaowei, Lu, and starred in the movie "romantic history" will be released in December 23rd. Today a new feature film exposure fragments, Tong dispensers Yan Ni played a "show class" to Du Chun, this is the last year the first trailer after the demise of "romantic history" 500 days apart, again released blockbuster video, officially launched that propaganda, launched an attack on the Lunar New Year stalls. Fragments, Yan Ni’s mother Wang Du Chun’s driver started teaching, the course in Shanghai confessed "meet etiquette", and Du Chun had no lines but modest listening has a calm, curious what is the relationship between two people, and let them pay so much attention to the meeting will be one object. "Look a little less, not too high, nor too low, eyes don’t move, but do not appear dull, vivid……" The words of Yan Ni contains a standing posture, facial expression, eye contact, bearing many aspects in detail, with the Shanghai movie in the Republic of China Gang background, people can not help but speculate this seemingly ordinary dialogue, whether there is some mystery. It is interesting to take the last sentence, as if it is acting to compare the previous trailer, Zhang Ziyi said in Shanghai dialect, director, how do I die, suicide or others killed?" Yan Ni and Yuan Quan on "this film is for people to see the next century" lines, seems to be the director deliberately, with a notice before the stars announced the lineup, acting through the proposed problems, "Wang Ma Ni" Yan teaches acting, told the audience the importance of. No wonder it’s little friends shouted to the driver Wang Ma single "performance class," the shopkeeper Tong tune well ", and have to Yan Ni" for making up propaganda"! In fact, this is not the first time the demise of "romantic history" released positive fragments, last year in the Teaser Trailer exposure on the eve of the film had a "big foot than" fragment, so that everyone on Du Jiang and Wang Zhuanjun’s humor skill impressed. This "positive fragment + Trailer" romantic release rhythm, also let the separated by 500 days after the show class "new fragment again tempt the appetite, have to guess whether there will be heavy notice immediately, the audience full of expectation.相关的主题文章: