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The first session of the Hebei provincial tourism industry development conference signed 35 Tourism Investment Projects – China news network, September (Xinhua) 26, 25, the first successful conclusion of the Hebei tourism industry development conference. Zhao Yong, deputy secretary of the Hebei Provincial Committee of Hebei provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Tian Xiangli, director of the Hebei Provincial Tourism Development Committee Book morning, Baoding city party secretary Nie Ruiping, Baoding mayor Ma Yufeng and other leaders gathered in Laiyuan Baishishan theater, the achievements of the first summary of the conference of tourism in Hebei province and the 35 signed a tourism investment project. Provincial Party Secretary Zhao Yong stressed that to seriously study and implement the provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi in the province’s Tourism Promotion Conference on an important speech spirit, vigorously promote the West Beijing Bai Du leisure resort experience, accelerate the development of tourism industry in Hebei Province, vice governor Wang Xiaodong presided over the meeting. Zhao Yong pointed out that the first provincial tourism conference is a landmark. Success through the general assembly, the cadres and the masses understanding of tourism to a new realm, described the construction of tourism industry created a new blueprint for new tourism image of Hebei tourism, set up the restructuring and development of a new benchmark, showing the cadres and masses of general business style, the activation of the construction economy, beautiful new Hebei power. Zhao Yong stressed that to grasp the focus of the work, the province’s tourism promotion conference to implement the spirit. To grasp the ideological emancipation, a profound understanding of the development of the tourism industry is the important engine upgrade and improve the ecosystem is an important starting point and opening up an important platform, the effective way of poverty alleviation, change the regional landscape of magic power, the development of rural tourism is another great entrepreneurial farmers. To grasp the tourism planning, tourism resources, good global tourism and key area, a new form of project planning. To grasp the environmental remediation, vigorously carry out urban environment, rural environment, road environmental remediation action to promote the transformation and upgrading of toilets. To grasp the traffic network, service network, big data network, triple play". To grasp the characteristic of tourism city, county tourism, tourist town, tourism village "four create". To grasp the key areas, provinces and cities should focus on the construction of tourist areas, scenic spots to promote the characteristics of small towns, tourism professional village, promote poverty alleviation. To raise funds, increase financial investment, build tourism investment platform to promote the securitization of tourism resources, the introduction of more market players. To grasp the tourism conference, all provinces and cities to grasp the tourism conference, further started "Gyeonggi blessed, enjoy Hebei" brand. To grasp the mechanism innovation, from administrative management, scenic spot management, law enforcement supervision, investment and financing and the interests of farmers and other aspects of innovation. We should pay attention to supervision and assessment, mobilize the enthusiasm of all departments at all levels to develop tourism. The conference of Hebei Provincial Tourism Development Committee and the relevant departments or regions signed a number of strategic cooperation agreement, including China import and Export Bank of China Hebei branch, Bank of Beijing Shijiazhuang branch, Shijiazhuang branch of China CITIC Bank, Shijiazhuang branch of Industrial Bank and other 6 financial institutions signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Zhangjiakou municipal government, Chengde municipal government and the famous tourism industry investment company overall development and construction of a national tourism resort Bashang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement etc.. A number of key projects also signed at the ceremony, including the construction of Nandaihe international entertainment center.相关的主题文章: