The first batch of 5 cards in, the business license to load a unified social credit code (video)

Shanghai the first "5 card 1" business license of loading a unified code of social credit in October 8th morning, Shanghai awarded the "business license of the five card loading" after a unified code of social credit. Since then, Shanghai has all the main market "five one" registration system, all market players include individual industrial and commercial households, with a unified "ID number". Since October 1st, the implementation of enterprise and farmer cooperatives "five one" in Shanghai City, the integration of social insurance registration and statistics Registration Certificate in "three certificates based on a", the original applicant needs five to five departments were handled, reduced to industry and Commerce (market supervision department) a business license the. The morning of October 8th, will permit engineering technology consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to become the city’s first "five one" policy to benefit enterprises. Bureau Veritas director industry and facilities Division East Li Wenjiang said, set up a new company in trouble, thanks to accept business sector counterparts, often there will be legal financial tax, run business, run run social security personnel such "lively" scene. The new engineering and technical consulting firm, as long as the law a person running a window, submit a material, 5 working days to get a business license. Since then, the enterprise can be a certificate of the world, no longer for the organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate and toss". On the same day, Ms. sun engaged in the clothing business in Shanghai, Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau of Nanjing East Road, the market access to the registration window to receive the two card integration after the first individual industrial and commercial households business license. Subsequently, Ms. sun went to the Huangpu District tax bureau first tax by the tax service hall for tax registration. After obtaining a business license for about 1 hours, the tax department registration system received the industry and Commerce (market supervision) departments through the information sharing system to send the sun to do the new individual industrial and commercial households information. After the completion of the tax registration, Ms. Sun received the invoice. Since October 1st, Shanghai City, the pilot implementation of individual industrial and commercial households "two card integration", the applicant for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households only need to fill out a form, submit a material to a window by the business (business license issued by the Department of market supervision) loading unified code, the tax department is no longer issuing the certificate of tax registration. Compared with the old version of the new version of the business license of individual industrial and commercial households has two major changes: first, the number of positive license from the registration number for a unified social credit code (hereinafter referred to as uniform code). Individual industrial and commercial households unified code unique, but also the 18, even if canceled, the code will be retained for retrospective inquiry. The two is on the back of a copy of the license to print "notes", the operators in the business tax registration and some matters needing attention for that individual businesses should hold a business license to the tax authorities for tax matters, fulfill their obligations to pay taxes in accordance with the law, to declare and pay taxes. Ms. sun in the clothing business learned from the business sector, Shanghai city will be the first to try the individual industrial and commercial households into the "five one" the scope of information sharing, in the recruitment of employees after the license can apply to the social insurance agency to apply for insurance registration. Through the "five card reform").相关的主题文章: