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The evaluation of female teachers was expelled from cancer: "law" may not be ruthless Sohu on August 23rd, recently caused strong concern of the LanZhou JiaoTong University post College Female Teachers Liu Lingli expelled from the cancer event, with the latest developments: the parties reached a settlement, the restoration of Liu Lingli’s public apology, to their parents, give funeral pension, retroactive pay, and compensation for 500 thousand yuan. Although this matter come to an end, but the employee is dismissed in the aftermath. Sympathy for the weak psychological behavior is based on the disclosure, which lead to a mass of netizen criticism, accused the employer "heartless" thread or a huge number of comments. A young female teacher, suffering from cancer, most in need of help, was expelled from the school and the medical insurance, it is difficult to accept. Moreover, the school is a place to teach, should not be so ruthless. Of course, there are many people familiar with the labor contract law pointed out that in the management of labor relations, the law should first be respected. The termination of the labor contract, in fact, is the common interests of both employers and employees. According to the labor contract law, the employee is sick in the medical treatment period not in the original work, can not engage in other work arranged by the employer, the employer has the right to terminate the labor contract — after all, the employer is not welfare agencies, protect their legitimate autonomy in the use of people, in order to maintain a fair the competition of the talent market. Let the employer reveal all employees of illness and death, is neither scientific nor reasonable. From this perspective, as long as the disposal of labor disputes in accordance with the law, but also understandable. However, employers how to treat sick employees, far beyond the law of multiple meanings. People, who can be ruthless, if coldly "according to law" law, damage the occupation community emotional expectation, will also affect the employer’s cohesion, and even undermine social harmony. In this sense, the network of public opinion around the matter, roughly shows the majority of Chinese society in the labor relations and moral consensus on the bottom line. On the plight of the people and let them be completely indifferent, dead, will be cast aside, and their employees. As a matter of fact, past cases have proved that it is unwise for employers to challenge the moral bottom line on the basis of "legality". It is worth mentioning that the LanZhou JiaoTong University did not post College on behalf of more than the period of medical treatment of the prosecution, to terminate the contract, but to Liu Lingli, "as the reason for absenteeism.". Although the court of first instance, the second instance court did not support this matter, but Liu Lingli’s victory, does not mean that this is not the reason for the termination of labor relations. Because the staff party in the lawsuit is won, because there is enough evidence that "Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College also recognized" is to leave rather than continuous absenteeism. Otherwise, the employer had not authorized "or even" admit dead ", and the staff has no valid evidence, then expelled from the sick employees could be legalized. This is perhaps the "cancer of female teachers were expelled from event" areas of concern. In fact, the protection of the rights and interests of workers, in addition to block the loopholes in the system, but also should pay attention to the correction of real life labor.相关的主题文章: