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The DPP resorted to attack the Taiwan peasant system for votes right "black strokes – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 14th at all levels of Taiwan farmers general this month 11 days to complete the registration, is regarded as the 2018 County election skirmish Association election starting. The DPP is attacking association system, using "one hand" to apply the carrot and stick judiciously "right for votes, a dispatched accountant, let the county farmers general submit. According to "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Taiwan agricultural system up almost entirely by the blue camp master, to break the opponent grassroots forces, the Democratic Progressive Party decided to take "off" strategy, the target straight from the most resources of Taiwan farmers, and then gradually incorporate lower level associations. According to reports, on Friday to complete the general qualification registration, Taiwan farmers only before Yunlin county magistrate Zhang Rongwei Meixu, director general Zhang Yongcheng of registration, on the surface calm, but anchaoxiongyong. Because the long-term cultivation, farmers from bottom to top, well-organized, the director general has real power is almost all the blue camp troops. The DPP party executives said that at present only Chiayi County farmers system green, in the grass-roots strength shortage situation, to break the structure, the best way is to first take Taiwan farmers’ association. Because of Taiwan’s agricultural control most resources, "as you get the Taiwan authorities ruling power, the administrative department of interior officials no matter what the parties must cooperate with superior policy go." On behalf of the Taiwan peasant associations from counties a total of 65 seats, the DPP party executives said the 22 counties farmers at least 1 seats, the remaining seats in the membership distribution, Changhua, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and other large agricultural county, is the most seats in the main battlefield, the Democratic Progressive Party Election next year ‘goal, is to be in the county the municipal associations representing more than half. In order to achieve the goal, the Democratic Progressive Party "right hand. Apply the carrot and stick judiciously, and lobbying for votes in the blue camp farmers general, if for no real power but have the right to vote the chairman or member representatives, no candidate against green; the one hand by the DPP counties sent accountant to check accounts, let the director general to submit. According to reports, the "right for votes" is borrowed from the Chiayi county magistrate Chen Mingwen, then is to use this way to let the greening of Chiayi, from the months of operation seems "very good results". Part of the township peasant association election, goodwill is not involved in the first camp. County and municipal associations in addition to Kaohsiung city farmers’ Association by partial blue city farmers’ Association Secretary Yang Dongjie, and the green bridge area association director general Lu Qing marine dispute, Changhua, Tainan and Pingtung by the current director general of the same amount of campaign, green did not send people to run, in exchange for representative seats. The person said, found in the lobby of the blue camp, a breakthrough gap in peasant grassroots forces. As long as nearly half of seats in each county associations, with friendly people and "watermelon going edge" effect, green is have a chance to win the Taiwan peasant association many mathematical supervisors seats, breaking the long-term monopoly of the blue camp. (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: