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The Civil Affairs Bureau staff to hide special death information corruption 560 thousand jailed for 4 years – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Xiaofei) as the staff of the Huairou District Civil Affairs Bureau, the song of the use of his office, to withhold special death information, regular grants, entitledgroups disability pension of more than 56 yuan into the family according to the bank account, and all for himself or others. Reporters recently learned that due to corruption, song was sentenced to 4 years in Huairou court of first instance. Now 44 years old, college culture song, before the incident, Huairou District Civil Affairs Bureau staff. The song is mainly in the comprehensive administrative service hall of the Huairou District Civil Affairs Bureau of Civil Affairs window, can apply for pension and other matters more contact. According to the prosecution allegations, June 2012 to early 2009, the song was responsible for the use of special subsidies, Huairou District regular disability pension payment of his office, take the change of bank account information hiding and report special death information by means of related work on the form, several regular allowances, entitledgroups disability pension a total of more than 56 yuan in another bank account, and according to all for himself or others. According to the evidence submitted by the prosecution, the statistical work of the song when the incident is responsible for the special care. The song in the issuance of special care on the table, his neighbor, friend’s name, then the money to these people. Among them, the song of the Civil Affairs Department of relatives enjoy preferential policies, receive special care payment on a monthly basis, but after the death of the song to conceal information to relatives and relatives died, still account for 19 months on time to receive special care. The song sister Pengmou testimony, his father participated in the liberation war and the Korean War, Huairou special. Pengmou was entitled to receive a monthly payments from the Huairou District Civil Affairs bureau. But from the beginning of 2008, she was found to be more Pengmou special care payment account funds under normal circumstances than money, call brother song. The song tells her to leave, and said the number of holding flowers. To 2010 Chongyang Festival, Pengmou died. Song to hide the information after Pengmou family still from the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive special care until 2012. In March 24, 2015, the song by the Huairou District Commission for Discipline Inspection, telephone notification appearing. March 26, 2015, song was arrested on suspicion of corruption, Huairou Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the same year in April 10th was arrested. Since then, the Song family pay back the money more than 15 yuan. In the trial, the song for the prosecution of the accused confessed. Put forward his counsel, song truthfully confessed, has surrendered; pay back part of the case, there is repentance, hope the court to reduce the punishment. The court held that the song as a national staff, the use of his position to facilitate the illegal possession of public property, constitute a crime of corruption. The song has voluntarily surrendered themselves and pay back some of the illegal income, there is repentance, so decided their sentences. Huairou court of first instance to corruption, sentenced to 4 years in prison.相关的主题文章: