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The champion Knight James tears the emperor put rhetoric against the world sports Sohu – Beijing October 26th, 2016-17 NBA regular season officially opened the curtain. Before the opening ceremony of the Cavaliers and Nicks, a short but not too gorgeous ceremony. All the players who won the championship last season won a championship ring. In the fast loan center also rises over the Cavaliers history first championship banner. James’s life was the first time his hometown team won. At the time of the award, he is indifferent and Erwin teammates hug, but also tears. In addition, James also spoke on behalf of the team, during his speech, the scene broke out of the mountains and seas are whistling "MVP" cry. James said, "this is for you (Cleveland fans) and get the champion, we taste the taste of champions in the last season, we’ve all heard the efforts will be rewarded, this sentence is true, without your support, all this may not happen…… Before achieving this goal, we are very hard. We of this arena and the next arena (Cleveland Indians home court) have struggled for years for the championship, and we have achieved the goal." "At the moment, if you’re not from Cleveland, you’re not here to live, to play, and you don’t give yourself to the city, then you’re alive. At the moment, Cleveland against the world." James excitedly. Last season’s finals, the Cavaliers in the big score 1-3 behind the unfavorable situation to create a miracle to complete the 4-3 to win the championship, which is the first time in the history of the finals 1-3 reversal. Throughout the course of the reversal, James played a crucial role in the core, he also earned his career as a result of the epic third finals MVP trophy. (Poirot)相关的主题文章: