The burglar didn’t go to stay in the house for four months without stealing

The thieves didn’t go to stay in the house for four months after they stole anything, and most of them would leave the scene immediately after they had finished their theft, in case they were found. But a thief Xiejiawan police station Jiulongpo recently caught a bit special, he stole everything after the stolen house as their home, stayed for four months. In November 10th, Xie Wan police station received the alarm of the masses of the district Mr. wang. Mr. Wang told the police, a set of housing in Jiulongpo District Labor village, is currently vacant. A few days ago, he went back and found his keys could not open the door. So, Mr. Wang called the unlock master and opened the door. On entering the room, Mr. Wang to be frightened and change color home appliances, all gone, the house is in a mess, was stolen. At this time, Mr. Wang found a ring in the bedroom, then quietly walked into the bedroom, did not think there were people inside, while thieves do not pay attention to when he locked in the house, and immediately reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, the thief Zhang brought back to the police station. After the police interrogation, Zhang confessed his theft crime facts. Originally, four months ago, Zhang, who had been idling around all day, was engaged in stealing activities to keep his livelihood. A theft, Zhang inadvertently found Mr. Wang in the labor Village Houses uninhabited, it replaced the lock the door, and went to live there, and ant like house appliances will again move out sell. At present, Zhang is suspected of theft, has been taken criminal coercive measures by the police, the case is under further investigation.

窃贼偷完东西竟然不走 留宿被盗屋长达四个月大部分小偷在偷完东西后都会立马离开现场,以防被发现。但九龙坡区谢家湾派出所近日捉到的一名窃贼就有点特别了,他在偷完东西后竟将被盗的屋子当作自己的家,留宿了四个月。11月10日,谢家湾派出所接到辖区群众王先生报警。王先生告诉民警,自己在九龙坡区劳动村有一套住房,目前是空置的。几天前,他回去了一趟,发现自己的钥匙怎么也打不开房门了。于是,王先生叫来了开锁师傅,将门打开。一进屋,王先生大惊失色,家里的电器全都不见了,家中一片狼籍,明显被盗了。就在这时,王先生发现卧室里有响动,便悄悄走进卧室,没想居然还有人在里面,趁小偷不注意之时,他将其锁在屋内,并随即报了警。接到报警后,民警立即赶往现场,将小偷张某带回派出所。经民警审讯,张某供述了自己盗窃的犯罪事实。原来,四个月前,整天游手好闲的张某为了维持生计,便干起了偷盗的勾当。一次盗窃时,张某无意间发现王先生在劳动村的房屋无人居住,便换掉了房门的锁芯,住了进去,并蚂蚁搬家似的将屋内的电器一次次地搬出去变卖换钱。目前,张某由于涉嫌盗窃,已被警方采取刑事强制措施,案件正在进一步侦办中。相关的主题文章: