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The average monthly salary was the number you drag it [Abstract] the provident fund operation situation, high income people pay more and more good, one of the reasons is that the units pay part of the corresponding increase, will eventually return to the individual… As early as the end of last year, into 360 small Bian see an agency released a research report said that in 2016 the whole world will raise, special report in 2016, the average growth rate of wages Chinese employees will reach 8%. Recently, the 360 small financial organizations to see the latest research report: over the past eight years, the average annual increase in real wages in China reached 10.6%, ranking first in the world. (data from the National Bureau of Statistics) however, although their wages are rising although, but look at the numbers, it is not laugh ah… Wages of workers across the country: in 1978 the average annual wage of 615 yuan, the average monthly salary of 51 yuan; in 2014 the national workers annual salary of 49969 yuan, the average monthly salary of 4164 yuan; from 1978 to 2014, the average wage of the average monthly wage of workers in the country rose 81 times. Education: 1978 gold rose from primary school to university tuition is 140 yuan; now from primary school to university to 150000 yuan, up 1071 times; prices rose 100 in 1978 monthly rent of 1.2 yuan flat buckle, now 100 monthly mortgage 2500 yuan, up 2083 times; more interesting data: the maximum amount of corruption: 1978 19780 yuan, Shenzhen is an administration of the import and export of official record. Now… You know… We often joked, what are wages not rise up, but today all the data actually collect the three up: rising wages and prices rise, prices rise. Wages rose 2 times more than in the past year, while prices in the first tier cities rose two times in the past two years, prices rose by 6 times in the past 30 years, your happiness index rose in the second how much in the last few years, the price of in? Many small partners questioned: China’s annual average wage increase of 10.6%, ranking first in the world, why life is getting more and more difficult? Here, 360 small series to focus! The data is called real wages (real wages), which excludes the impact of the consumer price index. An extreme example of the point, for example, you are a chowhound, monthly wages are used to eating. 08 years one month salary enough to eat 100 Michelin Samsung, now you can eat 110! Do you think that you are making more money if you think so?! However, it is important to note that not only need to live also need the basic necessities of life, your daily necessaries, real wages rose does not mean that in your eyes all the goods are cheaper in the face of soaring prices, you are still a weak chicken. So what is the average wage? In addition to let small partners "hit" and can not represent the real wage level, then calculate what is the use? Relevant departments to formulate social security standards for the collection of references, such as: five social insurance and one housing fund and the disabled employment security fund, urban residents minimum living standard, special care and relief standard etc.. Relevant departments to develop basic pension and retirement costs相关的主题文章: