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The Air Force Missile Battalion Trinidad over   battalion officers both won promotion — military — original title: Trinidad over Qinruyijia, sentimengt is sure to launch even a guidance counselor Wu Yong in the new family room. Photo by Zhang Jindou on January 31st, the reporters came to the south over the border town of an Air Force Missile Battalion stationed, also can not smell "year". Two months ago, the cold war camp in Northwest Gobi sandstorms, Trinidad maneuver into, overcome several new combat task, live fire all hit, won the "survival camp". Entering the battalion, the deputy chief of staff of the brigade, Li Guangfeng, is working together with the members of the battalion command team to deduce the operation plan. After the meeting, Li, deputy chief of staff, told reporters about his experience. Li Guangfeng is the old battalion commander. Two years ago, he was reported to higher authorities as deputy head of the regiment withholding candidate, but with a piece of paper over his command, the lifting scheme have been frozen". Let Li Guangfeng did not think that work is not over, as the recipient of the Air Force Missile brigade authority with his former unit cadre Department docking, will he included intends to enhance the assessment scope of cadres. Over shortly after Li Guangfeng after examination after being appointed as deputy chief of staff. The original team with his coach Li Hongde was promoted to deputy director of the political department. "Over the camp officers enhance both the" news, can become a favourite tale. About this matter, even the company commander Xia Yunfei and guided launch reporter Laoqi confidences: over before, many cadres are worried about the camp of new higher authorities don’t know they are not familiar with, will not suffer in use? But the fact is that they are capable of, hope, doer Bentou, join in the reform stage more broad. From the north to the south, from the big city suburb of the county to move the border town of remote working life, and facing many practical difficulties. The battalion guided launch even instructor Wu Yong told reporters, when his wife was going to the army, but went to the station to see, the heart cool half. Because the barracks resources are limited, the family room is borrowed from the outside units temporary residence, has not yet had time to transform. In the house, two March beds make up a big bed. The furniture has only one desk and two chairs, and there is no decent electrical appliance. Not yet half a month, Wu Yong’s wife came home early with two years old children. Dependents do not want to, how can the soldiers at ease? To improve the new camp over the living environment and conditions, become a major event in the brigade party. Soon, they visited the station through the double support office and build units, to coordinate and solve the family placement, children’s schooling, medical treatment and a series of problems. The authorities also allotted a small bus for the camp, arranging the county town every day, solving the travel problem. A series of heart warming initiatives, greatly improve the army and to the living conditions of families of team. Before the Spring Festival, Wu Yong told his wife the change of the army, and his wife came to the team soon. The basketball brigade leader pointed out the window just a renovation told reporters: "as long as we keep thinking about the work of grass-roots organs, do some fine fine, we will be able to overcome difficulties, let the soldiers combat over life on track." (Li Kaiqiang correspondent Yu Hongwei Chen Wenfeng newspaper, Nanning, January 3) 空军某导弹营千里转隶 营主官双双获提升–军事–人民网 原标题:千里转隶,亲如一家情切切 制导发射连指导员武勇一家入住新的家属房。张金都摄 1月31日,记者来到转隶的空军某导弹营驻守的南方边陲小镇时,还嗅不到“年”的味道。两个月前,这个营还在西北戈壁战严寒斗风沙,千里机动转进、攻克多个全新抗击课题,实弹打靶全部命中,夺得“优胜营”桂冠。 走进营部,营所在旅副参谋长李广峰正在和营指挥班子成员一起推演作战方案。会后,李副参谋长给记者讲起了他的一段经历。 李广峰是这个营的老营长。两年前,他被作为某团副团长预提人选上报上级机关,然而随着一纸转隶命令,他的提升方案也被“冻结”。让李广峰没想到的是,转隶工作还没展开,作为接收方的空军某导弹旅机关就与他所在原单位干部部门对接情况,将他纳入了拟提升干部的考核范围。 转隶后不久,李广峰经过组织考核后被任命为旅副参谋长。原来跟他搭班子的教导员李洪德也被提升为旅政治部副主任。“转隶营主官双双提升”的消息,一时传为佳话。 谈起这件事,制导发射连连长夏云飞和记者唠起了知心话:转隶之前,营里很多干部都担心新的上级机关对他们不熟悉不了解,会不会在提升使用上吃亏?但事实告诉他们,能干者有希望、实干者有奔头,投身改革舞台更宽广。 从北方到南方,从大城市近郊的县城移防到偏僻的边陲小镇,官兵工作生活面临不少实际困难。该营制导发射连指导员武勇告诉记者,当初,他的妻子本来是想随军的,可是来到驻地一看,心凉了大半。由于营房资源有限,家属房是从外单位借来暂住的,还没来得及改造。房子里,两张行军床拼成一张大床,家具只有一张桌子两把椅子,连件像样的电器都没有。还没住满半个月,武勇的妻子就带着两岁的孩子提前回家了。 随军家属不愿来,官兵怎么能安心?改善这个新转隶营的生活环境和条件,成为旅党委的一件大事。很快,他们通过走访驻地双拥办和共建单位,千方百计协调解决家属就业安置、子女上学、就医等一系列难题。机关还为营里配发了一台小客车,每天定时安排往返县城,解决了出行难题。一系列暖心举措,大大改善了随军及来队家属的生活条件。春节前武勇把部队的变化告诉了妻子,妻子很快来队团聚。 旅领导指着窗外刚刚整修的篮球场告诉记者:“只要我们机关时刻想着基层,把工作做得细些再细些,就一定能克服困难,让转隶官兵战备生活走上正轨。” (李开强 通讯员 余泓纬 陈文锋 本报南宁1月31日电)相关的主题文章: