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Email-Marketing One of the oldest methods in the world of selling products or services has been the venerable mailing list. From old time "direct mail" letters to modern email messages, the "LIST" has almost reached mythical proportions in marketing circles. And with good reason because lists work! But most marketers are not sure exactly how to start and maintain a good email list. Read the 6 tips below to understand how to increase your email list building skills. (1) Add a Sign Up For on Every Single Webpage of Your Site most people both old and new marketers forget this simple concept. Put your form in front of your visitors faces. Most people that come to your website will be "tourists" in one second and then they click away gone forever. Others are genuinely interested in what you to offer but either dont have the need for it at the current time or dont have the money. Make it easy for those interested to keep in contact with you. Put a sign-up form "above the fold" on each every page. (2) Tout the Benefits of Joining Your List On your subscription or landing page, "prove" to potential subscribers that your newsletter will not be (a) spam (b) a waste of their time. People have lots of info overload in their lives, so they want to read things in their inboxes that are interesting, useful or informative. Offer testimonials, sample messages or an archive of older newsletter issues. Show them "whats in it for me". (3) Offer Special Opt-in Incentives Okay, this seems like a bribe right? People have spam on top of spam, piling into their inboxes everyday and most of them of very tired of it. By creating a really good special report, giving away discount coupons, for more details visit to or great video or pod cast series, you are offering a bit of carrot to a very timid gun-shy rabbit. You drop a little carrot here; a little lettuce there, and soon, they will come of their holes and take a full nibble of what you to offer. So start developing that bunny food. (4) Use basic SEO Tactics The most underutilized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip, I know about is page title names. Most people either dont know or dont bother to rename their webpage titles to reflect the content of the page. Say you write a serious kick-butt article on list building but on your website its named "list1.html", "list2.html". Give the search engines and potential prospects a chance to find you! You could rename them, "how-list-building-rocks.html" or "increase-profits-with-list-building.html". Be clear about whats on the page. (5) Use Pay-per-Click Ads to Drive Traffic if you have the budget, you can use something like Googles Adwords program to push traffic to your email subscription landing page. You can select the keywords you want to use and then create a campaign around them, for more details visit to .build-huge-list.. using classified like ads to get people to sign up. Make sure you have a great landing page, because every person who "clicks away" without signing up costs you money! (6) Run a "Membership Drive" Ask your current readers to help you get more subscribers. Set up "Send to a Friend" options on your website and ask people to send emails to their friends and business associates asking them to sign up. Give away a special report or coupons or some kind of prize to person who has the most "friends" to sign up. By using these six tips for email list building, should you be well on your way to developing an awesome email list and powerful downlink. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: