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The 5 room background wall decoration case, make your home big change – Sohu in the pursuit of personality of the times, how can the family background ordinary! When the decoration of the house we will elaborate home in the background wall, make your own living room is the most fashionable. Let’s enjoy the living room background wall decoration effect diagram, let your living room is more different! So strange shape patterns, very artistic atmosphere. Actually, if you want this kind of ornament, you can do it yourself. A few stiff pieces of paper, painted on the top of their own design, and then cut out, painted with the overall style of the living room in line with the color, stick to the wall is finished. The design that takes over most of the wall is very impressive. The changes of the colors on the wall are well displayed. In fact, in the small picture, this kind of design, in addition to such as the color evolution, with a variety of scenery or character pictures to replace is also pretty good. Bright decoration background wall like a ray of warm sunshine, heighten the vigor and vitality of the whole living room, transparent vase beside Jiezhuang background wall were placed in different colors, bright flowers in the mix, and publicity of the scene background wall decoration. The European style living room in the background of the wall, of course, also have European style fan. White leather sofa has enough personality, then the background of the wall design believe that more personality. The style of the building is painted as wallpaper on the wall, which is in line with the overall temperament of space. Large pieces of color as the background wall, this is a more bold approach. In the middle of the white transition, can let each color match more harmonious. And very personalized chandelier design is also very perfect. The above is the small picture for you to share 5 living room background wall design, is not very creative, very personality?. Create a personalized living room wall! Want to see more of the latest decoration renderings, looking for decoration inspiration, please pay attention to the world’s largest decoration effect Gallery, micro signal: zxzxxgt

5款客厅背景墙装修案例,让你家大变样-搜狐   在这个追求个性潮流的时代里,家里的背景墙怎么能普普通通呢!装修房子的时候我们就要精心布置家中的背景墙,让自己的客厅成为是最时尚的。下面我们一起来欣赏客厅背景墙装修效果图,让你的客厅更不一样吧!      这样造型奇特的图案,很有艺术气息。其实想要这样的装饰品自己就能动手做出来。几张稍微硬点的纸,在上面画上自己想要的图案,然后剪下来,涂上和客厅整体风格相一致的颜色,粘在墙上就完事了。      将整个墙面占据大半的设计非常引人注目。墙面上各个色调的延续变化都被很好的展现了出来。   其实在小图看来这样的设计除了像这样的色彩演变之外用各种各样的风景或者人物图片来代替也挺不错。      鲜艳的家装背景墙上像一缕温暖的阳光,烘托出整个居室的朝气与活力,家装背景墙旁边还放着不同色彩的透明花瓶,鲜艳的花朵混搭在其中,镇住了家装背景墙张扬的场面。      整个欧式风格的客厅在背景墙上当然也得有欧式的范了。白色的皮沙发已经够个性了,那么其后的背景墙设计相信也更加的个性。建筑的样式被当做壁纸画在了墙上,很符合空间的整体气质。      大片大片的色块当做背景墙本就是比较大胆的做法。中间用白色进行过渡,能让各个色彩之间搭配的更加融洽。而极富个性的吊灯设计也是非常完美。   以上是小图为您分享的5款客厅背景墙设计,是不是很有创意很有个性呢。赶快打造个性的客厅背景墙吧!   想看更多最新装修效果图,寻找装修灵感,请关注全球最大的装修效果图库,微信号:zxzxxgt相关的主题文章: