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Taking the Luding Bridge battle is "the real thing" fighting — military — people.com.cn original title: flying from Luding Bridge is "the real thing" fighting the battle of Luding Bridge in Mao Zedong and Jiang Jieshi youmean also known as Luding Bridge chain bridge, located in Sichuan County of Luding Province, built in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, is the history of the only channel connecting tibet. Comrade Mao Zedong in the "Long March" Qilv? In one sentence: "energy-saving", let the red flying from Luding Bridge feat became known to every family. This song was written in October 1935 when the Red Army’s Long March victory of the long march spirit is poetry, lyric, but also on the preliminary summary of countless thrilling experience of long march of the Red Army in the battle. In the eight sentence, "Great Bridge" and the five ridges, Wumeng, Jinsha, min together among them, which shows the important position of Luding Bridge on the battle in the Red Army in the long march. The effect of Jiang Jieshi on the Dadu River containment is valued, and then decided to destroy the red army. The Central Red Army crossed Jinsha River, after Dechang, Huili, Lugu into the Dadu river. This route is very similar to the route taken by Shi Dakai, king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, 72 years ago, after crossing Jinsha River. Because only here this way to go, left for the natural barrier of Yalong River and big snowy mountains, right is more complex, not of Liangshan Yi area supplies. Jiang Jieshi think the time has come to wipe out the Central Red Army, has mobilized nearly 200 thousand troops to surround and annihilate the Central Red Army in north of Jinsha River, south of the Dadu River, Yalong River East area. He said in the telegram, "the Dadu River is the destruction of the Taiping army ground, this army into the Han Dynasty, the first pass, miscellaneous, terrain, river barrier feedingdifficulties Jedi, will step in and stone road, and encourage teachers to establish suobu 1990". The red army began to choose the site in anshun. The red army reached the Dadu River south of Anshunchang although occupied the ferry, but the crisis is not so relieved. Because the Anshunchang water flow needs to set up the bridge, and the Red Army found only 4 boats, a large force is difficult to quickly cross the river. In May 26th, Mao Zedong Zhou Enlai, Zhu De Liu Baicheng, Nie Rongzhen arrived at Anshunchang, listen to the report, decided the main force of the Red Army rushed to the Luding Bridge in 320 to seize the distance anshunchang. By Lin Biao, the Red Army and Red Army Second Division for the left column, along the Dadu River right bank; by Liu Baicheng, Nie Rongzhen was the Red Army First Division for the right column, along the Dadu River on the left forward, coordinate each other, to seize the Luding Bridge. There are situations in the pursuers, only to seize the Dadu River Bridge – Luding Bridge, has become the key to victory, the Red Army crossed the river out of the woods. Fly to Luding Bridge to be able to fly and dare to take away the first Luding Bridge to fly". The Red Army not only to March, and blocking the enemy. Luding Bridge from Anshun 320, the whole mountain, is a cliff, one side is the roaring Dadu River, the river is a rugged trail. From Anshun to Luding Bridge, as the head of the column left red two division four regiment 27 on the morning of March from Anshun, side, side of war, the first day of travel only more than 80 years. The next morning, Zhu De相关的主题文章: