Taiwan scholars looking forward to the KMT leaders meeting for cross-strait turnaround Beijing-widcomm

Taiwan scholars: looking forward to the KMT leaders meeting became general secretary of cross-strait turnaround Beijing Xi Jinping met yesterday China KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu, puts forward six suggestions on development. Taiwan scholars said in an interview with reporters, in the current deadlock in cross-strait situation, looking forward to the Kuomintang leaders met to help create an opportunity to resolve the impasse between the two sides. Analysis of experts and scholars in Taiwan, Xi Jinping met with Hong Xiuzhu, reiterated the 92 consensus’ s stance against Taiwan independence, but also on the cross-strait exchanges and exchanges goodwill. Professor Pang Jianguo China, cultural research of Taiwan University: I think the Xi Hong will release a very clear message, is the 92 consensus as the common political basis for peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the bottom line is never shaken. In other words, to accept the 92 consensus all good talk, do not accept the 92 consensus, all the way. Wang Kunyi, Professor of international affairs and strategic studies at Tamkang University in Taiwan: to curb Taiwan independence, regardless of any form of independence, the government gave Cai Yingwen a clear signal, the second is the General Secretary Xi noted, especially the political differences can not be delayed, to solve as soon as possible. The third is the greatest goodwill, is to restart the cross-strait exchanges. The Cai Yingwen administration official cross-strait exchanges basically shut down, the sharp drop in the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan, Taiwan tourism, agriculture and fisheries industry impact, livelihood difficulties. Taiwan scholars pointed out that Xi Jinping, general secretary of the special talked about to promote cross-strait economic and social integration and development, expand cross-strait cooperation in small and medium enterprises and agricultural and fisheries, expand grassroots participation and benefits. This is exactly what the people of Taiwan are looking forward to. And the DPP, the mechanism and the opportunity to interrupt the dialogue with the mainland, the sequel has been revealed, the current economic situation in Taiwan has fallen to the bottom. Democratic Progressive Party should listen to the voice of the people, to take care of the public demands. Professor Pang Jianguo China, Taiwan Culture Research Universities: Based on the cross-strait situation, will live must be peaceful, to enjoy economic prosperity must, therefore, in order to cross-strait peace, to economic prosperity, I think this is Hong Xi through private channels of exchanges, as one of the more peaceful cross-Strait environment a, contribute to the economic prosperity of Taiwan broad road to do some of their efforts. CCTV reporter Shen Yang: Taiwan media reports, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping and KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu meeting, released from the mainland policy signal, emphasize not fuzzy independence is the major issues issues of right and wrong, the scourge of Taiwan. Taiwan people look forward to maintaining cross-strait dialogue and high-level exchanges between the two sides. For the two sides, especially for the people of Taiwan to solve the plight and create well-being.相关的主题文章: