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Taiwan Airlines 5 flight attendant promise bounced   egg (Figure) – smashed Taiwan channel — people.com.cn original title: Taiwan Airlines 5 flight attendants smashed egg bounced commitment (Figure) China Airlines flight attendants smashed egg. (picture taken from Taiwan’s "United Daily News") Chinese Taiwan news network October 14th 14 PM, 300 China Airlines flight attendants gathered in China branch in Taipei, to protest the company does not comply with the agreement, no credibility. In 500 China Airlines flight attendants egg smashed the scene, a symbol of China promises and easily broken egg. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that China Airlines flight attendants protest is not the first time this year, the 6 moon Airlines flight attendants had strikes against overwork, low pay and other issues, after the June 24th strike signed a collective agreement. China Airlines promised "raised station allowance", "reach the two-way evaluation principle", "not with the trade unions agreed before the ban on signing a" 84-1 treaty law "book", "holiday" to guarantee ", trade union cadres conference holiday", today the 5 agreement all bounced China Airlines. China Airlines flight attendants Zhang Shuyuan criticized China Airlines like fraud group, can put it down in black and white does not recognize, today to strike the scene, will not hesitate to fight. The flight attendants to protest China Airlines for the worst demonstration for the Taiwan labor relations, the attendant shouted "cal villain, workers smashed egg". (Chinese Taiwan Zhu Lian () (Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Ying Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: