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The swimming world cup team China Beijing Railway Station start the first day of harvest 4 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze – Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, September 30 (Xinhua Xing?) 2016 Swimming World Cup match in 30, Beijing Railway Station, China players Xu Jiayu, Zhu Menghui, Hou Yawen won the gold medal in the 4 x 50 meters; and the mixed relay in Chinese team added a gold medal. In the men’s 100 meter backstroke, Xu Jiayu to 50 seconds 22 won the championship; women’s 50 meter freestyle, Zhu Menghui to 24 seconds 00 results of breaking the world record to win the youth; and in the women’s 800 meter freestyle, Hou Yawen with a total score of 8 minutes 16 seconds 81 won the gold medal in the men and women 4 times; the 50 meter medley relay, Xu Jiayu, Shi Jinglin, Lu Ying, Yu Hexin to 1 points 40 seconds 12 results for Chinese team won a gold medal. Fu Yuanhui of the game are accurate registration, and did not participate in the backstroke. Before the game, she said, did not have much confidence in the finals. However, in the women’s 50 meter freestyle, she was ranked in the top third of the total score of 25 seconds in the final, and in the final to be ranked in the top 25 seconds of seventh in 05. Fu Yuanhui said after the game, the freestyle competition is very fierce, is satisfied with his performance in the pursuit of the. In other projects, China players also brisk performance. In the women’s event, the 50 meter backstroke, Liu Xiang won the silver medal, Cheng Hai won the bronze medal; 50 meters freestyle, Tang Yi won the bronze medal; 100 meters butterfly, Chinese champion Lu Ying won the silver medal; containing 14 year-old Ai Yan won the silver medal in the 200 meter freestyle, Zhang Yufei won the bronze medal; 200 meter backstroke. Xu Huiyi won the bronze medal; the 800 meter freestyle, Li Bingjie won the silver medal. In men, men’s 50 m breaststroke Li Xiang won the bronze medal; men’s 100 meter medley, Wang Shun won the silver medal; men’s 400 meter freestyle, Qiu Ziao won the bronze medal. In other countries players, Hungary’s Hosszu won three gold (50 meter backstroke, 200 meter freestyle and the 200 meter medley); men’s 200 meters butterfly, South Africa’s Le Close won the gold medal. (end)相关的主题文章: