Suzhou 17 year old fell into the pit 1 hours rescue refused to others-hypersnap-dx

Suzhou 17 year old fell into the pit 1 hours to reject others to rescue the afternoon of November 4th, Xiangcheng District at a cattle ranch, an old man accidentally fell into the cattle pits and by the police and fire rescue arrived at the scene, only to take him ashore. And the old people have soaked in the cattle manure for more than 1 hours. At 1:30 pm, Beiqiao Zhang Hua a cow breeding farm, the staff has inadvertently discovered, the cow dung lying beside the wall of a figure, then shout out the past view, approached after found a watch over seventy year old man, wearing a hat, his hands clutching the parapet, the lower part of the body trapped in the pits. The doors are locked, no one see this person, may be in the wall." A staff member said, because cattle septic tank is very deep, but a part of the cow dung is solid, to a certain extent has played a supporting role, but when two or three people rushed to the scene to a old man suddenly up, the body back, but a far distance parapet. The staff said, the old man’s action to frighten them all, they dare not forcibly pull, can only seize his clothes, to prevent him from sinking, but the old man is very resistant. They can only pick up the old man’s shoes in the cattle manure tank, and then quickly advise him not to move, try to cooperate with shore personnel rescue. "If you go inside a little bit, it will be more dangerous." The staff said, no matter what they say, the old man did not respond, the old man said, they did not understand a sentence, but in desperation, they can only alarm. Soon, the police station and firefighters rushed to the pool side, in the face of rescue personnel, the old man is also reluctant to disembark, as long as someone pulled, he will shrink back, but let the body sink deeper. Finally, when everyone did not pay attention to it, many people stepped forward to control his body, and then forced him to pull up, and eventually led by the police to the police station, to verify their identity, contact the family. "When he walks, his legs are not very good, and there may be some mental disorders." The farm workers said they hoped the police would help the old man to find his family as soon as possible.

苏州一七旬老人掉进粪坑1小时 拒绝他人施救 11月4日下午,相城区一处养牛场内,一名老人不慎跌进牛粪池中,经民警和消防到场救援,才好不容易把他救上岸。而老人已在牛粪池中泡了1个多小时。下午1时30分许,北桥张华村一处奶牛养殖场内,有工作人员在无意中发现,牛粪池边的矮墙旁趴着一个人影,随即喊人赶过去查看,走近后发现是一名看上去年过七旬的老汉,头戴着帽子,双手抓着矮墙,下半身陷在粪池中。“大门都是锁着的,没人看到有这个人,可能是翻墙进来的。”一名工作人员介绍说,因牛粪池很深,好在一部分牛粪呈固态,在一定程度上起到了支撑作用,不过当赶到现场的两三名员工试图将老汉拉上来时,老汉突然将身体往后仰,反而距离矮墙远了一些。这名工作人员介绍说,老汉的举动把他们都吓了一跳,他们不敢强行去拉,只能抓住他的衣服,防止他继续下陷,但老汉十分抗拒。他们只能将老汉掉落在牛粪池中的鞋子先捡上来,随后大声劝他不要乱动,尽量配合岸上人员的施救。“要是再往里面去一点,肯定会更危险。”工作人员介绍说,可不管他们怎么说,老汉都没有反应,老汉说的话,他们也没能听懂一句,无奈之下,他们只能报警。很快派出所民警和消防队员先后赶到池边,面对救援人员,老汉同样不愿上岸,只要有人拉,他就往后缩,反而让身体陷得更深。最终大家趁其不注意时,多人上前控制住其身体,再将他强行拉上来,最终由民警将他带往派出所,核实其身份后联系家人。“他走的时候,腿脚明显不太好,可能智力上也有些障碍。”养殖场工作人员表示,希望警方尽快帮助这名老汉找到家人。相关的主题文章: