Suning 2-0 double row 5 Xie Pengfei TEDA home court Ryan Teixeira (video)-sichen

Suning home court 2-0 5 straight Xie Pengfei Teixeira TEDA double [] report Jiangong Suning home court 2-0 double row 5 Xie Pengfei Teixeira TEDA Tencent sports Jiangong September 17th Beijing time 19:35, 2016 in the twenty-fifth round, Jiangsu Suning 2-0 Lectra Tianjin TEDA home court. The fourteenth minute, Xie Pengfei long-range score, scored the first goal of the season in sixtieth minutes, Teixeira shot jiangong. The campaign of Harding Park, Jiangsu Suning get double (+ Super Cup) 5 game winning streak. The competition focus of Suning won 5 straight line: since August 14th, Jiangsu Suning won the double (+ Super Cup) 5 game winning streak, they win 2-1 Yatai, 3-2 seize the Shenhua’s 2-1 victory over Yongchang Guoan, 6-1 and 2-0 – teda. At present, Jiangsu Suning with 50 points in the League second in the standings, and hold the initiative in the promotion in the FA Cup semi-final. TEDA away 10 victorious: nearly 10 away, Tianjin TEDA only get 5 flat 5 negative. It is hard to find a win. Suning home court winning TEDA replay fourteenth minutes, R- Martinez and Xie Pengfei up front with the wall, then Xie Pengfei took the ball at the edge of the area for people, facing more than defensive player of the double Xie Pengfei cool ball long-range kicker, near post into the net, 1-0. This is Xie Pengfei in the first season of League goals. Xie Pengfei scored twenty-fifth minutes, 2011 left the ball in case no one guarding inscribed ball hit the door, Gu Chao also sell Monteiro in front of Qiangdian shovel but the ball hit high. Twenty-sixth minutes, Tianjin TEDA continued to put pressure on the opponent, barbarian days in the restricted area of the volley, the ball slightly higher. Sixtieth minutes, Jiaxiang near the front right bottom line from 2011 feet off the ball, then Jiaxiang ball into the box back door, Xie Pengfei in front of Qiangdian, after the ambush point Teixeira unloaded the ball then foot volley ball drill into the back of the net, Suning 2-0. Teixeira broke through the data analysis of the data can be seen on the scene, Suning can win, derived from its higher efficiency. The rate of the ball, Suning 55%, TEDA is 45%. Scored thirty m area number, Suning 21-25. Angle times, Suning 6-1. Shooting, Suning 5 shots and scored all the time and scored 2 goals. In contrast, the TEDA shot 10 times only 2 times hit. After the voice of Pacheco after the game said: "this game today, both sides have created a lot of chances, we do not hold, but the other grasp." At the same time, Pacheco said: I am still very satisfied with the performance of the players on the field, whether it is technical or tactical discipline, are very good. But the result was disappointing." Cuilong Zhu talking about the game after the game: "I didn’t expect to play 6-1 after the victory, the game is very difficult, we want to become strong, it must make itself become more powerful, especially the next and Shenhua game, the game players are very high, brought us victories." The two sides of Jiangsu Suning lineup lineup: goalkeepers: 1- Gu Chao; 28- Yang Xiaotian, defenders: 5- Zhou Yun, 6- 24-, Bree Sainz Ji Xiang; after)相关的主题文章: