Sun Yang won the Chinese athlete list on future

Sun Yang won the Chinese athlete list future pay more attention to Sun Yang’s goal is to break through the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in November 11th, Sun Yang accidentally grabbed a headline — China sports value list "2016 Rio Olympic Games Chinese delegation of athletes and sports team communication influence list" released in Beijing, Sun Yang with strong influence and appeal the spread of the influence of the top athletes win! Earlier this year, Sun Yang has been ranked first in the top 2015 Chinese athletes influence spread list. Top of the list, meaning that Sun Yang as the Chinese sports status of a brother has no shake for two consecutive years! And that won the news Sun Yang Rhetoric: "I seek not once won, but the next breakthrough." Once again locked in the Tokyo Olympic games. It is understood that the release of the influence list, will not only fully consider the athletes at the Rio Olympics Games, and in the statistical time also runs through the Olympic Games in Rio, the evaluation parameters including television, Internet, video, print, social networking platform on all media player Chinese exposure can say, the athletes in the comprehensive China Rio Olympics performance and full range of impact. It is because this time the data selection is not just "weijinpai theory", so Fu Yuanhui although only Olympic bronze medal, but she still because of its "the girl" sincere, funny, widely cognition, eventually ranking second in the list of athletes "influence, a female one". The Rio Olympic Games, Sun Yang in the best 400 meter freestyle lost won the silver, but he’s strong in the subsequent 200 meters since, its performance not only catch up from behind, let the Chinese people excited, also let competitors have admiration of his strength. With the Rio Olympics harvest 1 gold 1 silver, plus in the London Olympic Games won 2 gold 1 silver and 1 bronze, Sun Yang not only became the first woman to achieve the defending in the Olympic Games China swimmers, has also become a Grand Slam champion long distance freestyle. After the Olympic Games in Rio, Sun Yang ushered in the first adjustment period of the new Olympic cycle. As the Olympic champion and youth idol, he did not forget their responsibility, not only to actively participate in the "clean West Lake" such activities, and to participate in the national defense education program "real man" recording, a feature of the athletes "warm" image and "strict performance". It is worth mentioning that, in that they won China athletes influence list after the news, Sun Yang appeared very calm: "won for me is not new, I won the MVP world championship, the Olympics I won the championship. Of course, each won people joy, but all won a have become the past, and I seek not once won, but the future breakthroughs, such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics continued on the highest podium like." Sun Yang also said that because the two fracture before the Olympic Games and high strength for the Olympic Games after the end he according to the opinions of the experts and the combination of their own physical condition, for a relatively long period of adjustment, therefore, he will not go to"相关的主题文章: