Summary the Champions League victory over Tottenham Dortmund promotion of Blue Fox Sports Sohu – dra-nibbuns

Summary: the Champions League victory over promotion Dortmund blue fox draw Tottenham upset losing – Sohu sports in Beijing on November 3rd morning, 2016-2017 Champions League group E-H match Juventus home court zhanba fourth, 1-1 and Lyon, Real Madrid and Warsaw regiment 3-3 away on a tie, Dortmund home court 1-0 victory over the Lisbon athletics, ahead of two promotion. The Premier League champions 0-0 draw with Copenhagen, Champions League streak end. Seville is the big score 4-0 defeat dynamo Zagreb, Monaco three ball victory over CSKA Moscow, Leverkusen and Oporto are in a 1-0 victory over rival. Group E: Tottenham 0-1 Leverkusen twenty-second minutes, Moussa – Sissoko right front high-speed forward sends out, Lionel attack fighting exit, but fortunately our defence qiuhou rescue. Thirtieth minutes, spurs make substitutions adjustment, Jansen played, Dembele end. Thirty-third minutes, Erickson restricted area before the shot was goalkeeper hit the bottom line. Forty-third minutes, Walker backcourt stopping mistakes, Brandt grabbed the ball after each other inside the area by shovel up and keep up with Hernandez’s shot was blocked after a defensive player missed the left post. The 45+1 minutes, Jansen shot was saved by the goalkeeper, Ali Shekong men in the net, but the referee thought that Jansen had a foul in the shooting, so that the ball is invalid. The second half of the match, the two sides easy side battles. Fifty-fifth minutes, Erickson shot was confiscated goalkeeper. Fifty-eighth minutes, the ball Jansen small angle shovel shot wide of the left post. Sixty-fourth minutes, A Longis outside the area low shot by Tottenham two defenders blocked Oolong assists, Kanpur door easily push shot near the corner succeeded, Leverkusen 1-0 tottenham. Eighty-second minutes, Spurs won a free kick opportunity on the right position, DELL kick directly hit the door, the ball around the wall after throwing off the crossbar. In the end, Tottenham spurs home 0-1 Leverkusen. Tottenham line-up: 1- Lori, 2- Kell, Walker 5-, 15- 33-, DELL vertonghen Ben Davies, 12- 17- Moussa, Ma Wan Ya – Sissoko, 19- (30’9- Vincent Jansen) Dembele, 20- Ali, Erickson (66’29- 23-, 7- winks) Sunxing? (73’14- nkoudou) Leverkusen debut: 1-, 39-, 21-, Lionel Henrichs toplak, 4- tower, 18- – if Natan Wendell, 15- Baumgartlinger and 20- A Longis (86’29- Havets), 44- (85’31- 19-, Kanpur Brandt (Flanders) 70’10- qia’er Han Oulu) and 14- Moodie and 7- Hernandez of Monaco Han Mu 3-0 CSKA Moscow in seventh minutes, Falco in the central area the header, the ball wide of the right post. Twelfth minutes, Monaco out of the indirect free kick, the German goal line in front of the right foot shot, the ball into the other side of the lower right corner of the goal, Monaco 1-0 army. Twenty-fourth minutes, Strandberg in the restricted area on the right side of the right shot相关的主题文章: