Strong typhoon Meranti with the wind and rain landed in Xiamen – Beijing-rainlendar

Strong typhoon "Meranti" with the wind and rain landed in Xiamen – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 15, (Long Min Yan Xu) according to the Fujian provincial flood control office said that the fourteenth typhoon this year, Meranti "15 am 3 points in the 05 Xiamen Xiangan coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 15 level (48 m / sec, typhoon, central pressure of 94 thousand and 500 kPa). Data show that "Meranti" is the year the world’s strongest typhoon, since 1949 is the strongest typhoon landed in southern fujian. The typhoon comes when the Mid Autumn Festival, the influx of wind and rain, will have a serious impact on Fujian. 14 night from the beginning, "brought a flurry of moranti" for Fujian. 15, Fujian red typhoon warning, yellow rainstorm signal hanging. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory senior engineer Xia Lihua introduction, the super typhoon "Meranti" will bring strong wind and rain affected the province of Fujian. After landing in Xiamen City, "Meranti" power show, 15 2 am, who lives in Xiamen city Chen Xiang yet to fall asleep, he told News Agency reporters complained, "my window to blow away". To deal with the "Meranti", "wind", Fujian province has been prepared to meet the challenge of anti typhoon. Fujian Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department news, as of 14 May 10, a total of 32137 ships to evacuate fishing vessels at sea, the transfer of Yupai personnel 19080 people (including the elderly women and children 4062 people, Fuzhou and the south of labor 15018), transferred to the south of Fuzhou all personnel on board a total of 60915 people. Air traffic has been affected by the typhoon, resulting in delayed or cancelled flights to Taiwan, airline suspended and EMU outage. Xiamen Airline Co disclosure, as of September 14th 19, 14 days, Xiamen Airlines canceled 15 flights to 193 flights have been confirmed; Fujian maritime bureau, Xiamen jinmenroute, Stephen Kim routes, Pingtan direct flights to Taiwan to Taiwan passenger wheel sea routes across the board suspended the Nanchang Railway Bureau; news, outage on September 14th to 17 in the originating end to passengers train 188. Rescue forces have gathered. Fujian provincial fire brigade has also revealed that the emergency mobilization of 92 ships, boat, 5500 professional lifejacket and a large number of rescue and water rescue equipment standby; Fujian power company national grid also gathered 939 emergency repair teams, a total of 14646 people, the standby mobile generator car 55, small mobile 483 generators, pumps machine (pump) 338 units and other emergency supplies. Affected by the typhoon, Fujian province (14 days 8 when rainfall -17 8) will be between 100 to 250 mm, the local up to 350-450 mm, of which 1 hour rainfall intensity will reach 50-80 mm, locally more than 120 mm or. At the same time, 14 to the middle of the night to the central and southern coastal areas of Fujian winds up to 10 ~ 13, near the center of the typhoon through the region will reach the level of 14 ~ 16. Xia Lihua warned that the need to pay attention to the prevention of heavy rainfall may lead to urban and rural landslides, floods, mudslides, landslides and other secondary disasters, such as Shan Hong. After landing in Fujian, "Meranti" is to the North)相关的主题文章: