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Speed! The country foot high strength against the practice of the 11 interpretation of a variety of attack combination reporter Wang Xiaorui Kunming reported in yesterday (November 11th), the national team officially transferred to a card in the battle preparations. Coach Lippi not only arranged a day two practice, and in the training content more intensity and targeted. Although in a training match, the national team’s final 5 to 0 victory over Wuhan zall, but whether the process or the game content, with coaching expectations compared to have a certain distance. With the November 15th Game Day approaching, improve the lineup, strengthen play, it becomes the national team’s top priority. The 12 day of the training team, according to reflect, the core content is "simulation of high strength, high rhythm". The specific form of the whole group confrontation, and the time is about 45 minutes. Among them, in addition to the national security guard Zhang Chengdong because of injuries, still on the sidelines jogging adjustment, the remaining 24 players had their turns. After a war against the drow, on the team’s tactical ideas into actual efficiency, the coaches also have a certain understanding. It is reported that in the past few days of training courses, continue to improve the play, to seek a better combination of offensive, has become the Lippi number one priority. In the group against the national team before the scheduled packet passing exercises, but wait until after the official opening of the closed training, the players were realized, against the group lesson a high strength, high rhythm, is waiting for them. It is reported that during this period, the coach Lippi against the problem of group confrontation, but also to stop and explain, but also very strict requirements. Players in the training after the obvious feeling is that the whole team is preparing to enter the speed state". In particular, the coaching staff, some tactical requirements and instructions, compared to the past more clear and detailed. On the evening of 8 against the drow war, the national team’s shots completely over the opponent, but the scoring efficiency is somewhat disappointing. "We also feel that the team is not at its best. This may have a lot of reasons, after all, at the time, arrived in Kunming less than a week, affected by the plateau climate, the reaction is still relatively large, the body also has fatigue." Wu Lei in that game, although there are 2 penalties to break, but still feel that the play is not perfect. This is also the confusion of the coaching staff, especially after Zhang Yuning arrived in the team, the most urgent task is to match and optimize the team’s offensive line. Zhang Yuning in the first class 10, return to the national team, has been vigorously using Lippi fox. In the last two days, he will also play a more important role in training. However, the afternoon of 12 high intensity of this group confrontation, Lippi for the offensive line of the team personnel, it is understood that there have been a number of different tests. Not only Zhang Yuning, including Gao Lin, Wu Lei, Zhang Xizhe and Cao Yunding, both within a period of time, Lippi get enough. At the same time, strengthen the training, the Italians are also struggling to explore: specific to different combat environment, what should be discharged from the offensive combination, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. However, the strengthening of the training content, including nearly two days相关的主题文章: