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"The power of faith" lead chase drama   opening theme of the new grid — entertainment channel — 1, Chen Shen (played by Li Yifeng), Xu Bicheng (played by Dongyu Zhou) since the "sparrow" in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting and each big video website at the beginning of September, continued to screen. The fortieth episode aired last night, the city of CSM52 Sofres ratings reached 2.09, the total hits more than 190 million outlets, has won 19 national ratings champion. In addition, in the massive data cool yunwang, Huan network, Nielsen net survey, "sparrow" ratings also to the absolute leading edge across the board to lead a ", as the only country with faith to live up to the" as the theme of the TV drama was so hot, by week of light confidence: "I believe that the power of faith! With the sublimation of the theme behind, the enthusiasm of the audience will continue to ignite the heart!" "The main melody": the problem is not a problem is how to express in recent years, the market of films and TV series, the pan entertainment trend, fantasy, Xian Xia occupied the screen. The loss of a large number of viewers, as well as television people think that the current TV drama is not as good as before, and so on. TV drama "sparrow" from the creation, behind only the motherland and faith to live up to the "theme, week of light told reporters, at that time, many industry peers, including some leading television stations reminded him, said, now this time, such a" positive "theme, will not have the audience the response? When the sparrow crew selected Li Yifeng to play the male one, the reaction is more diverse. For the week of light is very confident is also very firm, they think: at any time, the theme is not a problem, the problem is how to express the belief is innovation, regardless of age, gender and occupation. Such confidence, now in the "sparrow" in data broadcast has been answered, according to data provided by CSM, "sparrow" the audience is actually 14 years old to 65 years old of all ages showed the average distribution of the trend, that is to say 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 00 of the population have become the "Ma a" chase drama family. A thousand film drama "sparrow" micro-blog, a short time has more than 200 thousand of the attention, there are more than hundreds of 90, 00 after the expression of their love for the show on micro-blog every day: "my mom Amway sparrow, found her but faster than" I "in the afternoon colleagues; eat together, the topic of discussion is the last night of the sparrow, feeling no see interrupt"; "for a long time without family drama, my parents think Li Yifeng is so handsome". Obviously, the sparrow, almost all of the age of the chase drama situation has no suspense to win the market and reputation win. In the industry, "sparrow" has become the "other people’s children", "sparrow" creative team of content, aesthetic pursuit, interlocking plot, fight strong character set, the expression of faith, the main theme of the drama creation set a benchmark. Humanity and faith of the true expression of "sparrow" opening theme TV series the new grid "sparrow" blitz, screenwriter Matt believes that this is the first "sparrow" story, and of human nature)相关的主题文章: