SKYWORTH group announced the internationalization roadmap CEO said four years after entering the Leg-solid converter

SKYWORTH group announced the international roadmap CEO said four years after entering the hundred billion army local time in September 2nd, 2016 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA2016) held in Berlin, germany. SKYWORTH group together last year by its acquisition of Germany’s seventy years of local high-end TV brand Metz (Gomez) joint exhibition. During the exhibition, Metz’s acquisition after a year of operation, as well as SKYWORTH internationalization path attracted attention. SKYWORTH Group CEO Yang Dongwen Gomez and CEO Dr. Kotzbauer, according to the two questions answered questions from financial Tencent. Yang Dongwen said, since the old German television company Gomez acquired last year, SKYWORTH launched the "Skyworth+Metz" dual brand strategy in Europe, accelerate the pace of expansion, contrarian to achieve rapid growth. In the European region, only in the past year, SKYWORTH has entered new Zealand, Spain, Italy and other eleven European countries market, business volume increased by more than ten times, sales of more than one hundred million U.S. dollars. In fact, the export of black electricity in Europe is not optimistic in 2015. Gomez CEO Dr. Kotzbauer said, compared to the same period of other domestic appliance brands overseas performance, more is the running speed in the wind. I believe that with the deepening of market development, as well as the further promotion of high-end OLED products, SKYWORTH business in Europe will maintain high momentum of growth. Yang Dongwen said, in the domestic market, SKYWORTH continues to maintain the color TV market share and digital set-top box market share of the double crown. Internationalization development, SKYWORTH also strides forward: on the one hand with high-end brand campaign in Europe and America, on the other hand, through the agent model quickly cut into emerging countries. Gomez CEO Dr. Kotzbauer expressed his SKYWORTH all the way to grow the achievement certainly on the stage, and to SKYWORTH’s strategy of opening up the European market confidence. Dr. Kotzbauer from the industrial structure, product types, business models, development areas of SKYWORTH’s current basic situation were analyzed. Under the premise of sustainable and profitable growth, targeted several strategic development models, he believes that with the joint efforts of both sides, "Skyworth+METZ" double brand strategy will certainly achieve brilliant achievements in the European market. For the industry concerned about the technical route controversial issues, Yang Dongwen said, OLED and Smart Home technology represents the future of the industry, SKYWORTH will adhere to the route exploration. During the exhibition, Gomez OLED in Europe Plus X Award design award authority (the European Innovation Technology Award) won five awards, the quality of innovation. The award was selected by 144 experts from 32 countries and selected from more than 1000 works. For the future and internationalization of SKYWORTH group, Yang Dongwen said, the future of SKYWORTH group will be based on the development of color TV industry, strengthen air ice wash diversification, smart home products, and strive to achieve in 2020 income of 100 billion yuan, to become the world’s leading enterprises. (Ding Lei) more exciting content, welcome to pay attention to search WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

创维集团公布国际化路线图 CEO称四年后迈入千亿军团当地时间9月2日,2016年国际消费电子展(IFA2016)在德国柏林举行。创维集团携手去年被其收购的德国七十年当地高端电视品牌Metz(美兹)共同参展。在展会期间,Metz的被收购一年后的运营状况,以及创维国际化路径受到关注。创维集团总裁杨东文和美兹CEO Dr. Kotzbauer,针对这两个问题回应了腾讯财经提问。杨东文称,自去年收购了德国老牌电视公司美兹之后,创维在欧洲实行“Skyworth+Metz”双品牌战略,加快了扩张的步伐,逆势实现迅猛增长。在欧洲区域,仅过去一年创维就新进入了法国、西班牙、意大利等十一个欧洲国家的市场,业务量增长了十倍以上,销售额超过一亿美元。事实上,2015年黑电欧洲外销形式并不乐观。美兹CEO Dr. Kotzbauer称,对比同一时期国内其他家电品牌的海外业绩,更显得是在逆风中加速奔跑。相信随着市场开拓的深入,以及OLED高端产品的进一步推广,创维在欧洲的业务会保持高速增长的势头。杨东文表示,在国内市场,创维继续保持了彩电市场占有率和数字机顶盒市场占有率的双冠王。国际化发展方面,创维也在阔步向前:一方面借助高端品牌征战欧美,另一方面通过代理商模式迅速切入新兴国家。 美兹CEO Dr. Kotzbauer在台上表达了他对创维一路成长所取得成绩的肯定,和对创维开拓欧洲市场战略的信心。Dr. Kotzbauer从产业结构、产品类型、商业模式、发展区域对创维目前的基本情况进行了分析。在可持续和盈利增长前提下,针对性地提出了几种战略发展模式,他深信凭借双方的共同努力,“Skyworth+METZ”的双品牌战略一定会在欧洲市场上取得辉煌的成就。对于行业关心的技术路线争议问题,杨东文称,OLED和Smart Home技术代表行业未来,创维会坚持该路线探索。在展会期间,美兹 OLED在欧洲权威设计奖Plus X Award(欧洲创新技术奖)上获得创新、质量等五项大奖。该奖项是32个国家144名专家评审团从一千多件作品中选出。对于国际化未来和创维集团目标,杨东文称,未来创维集团将以彩电事业为基础,加强冰洗空等多元化、智慧家庭产品的发展,力争在2020年实现收入1000亿人民币,成为全球领先企业。(文 丁磊)更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: