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"Sister sister" portrait Juxian Lu Qian in wind strength challenge – Sohu Lu Qian Qian Lu entertainment as Song Xialan quiet ladylike entertainment Sohu directed by Xu Zongzheng, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yikuan, Lu Qian starring the legendary masterwork "sister sister" will be landing in Anhui TV at 7:35 tonight. This time, Lu Qian as a noble in the great lady in the play, the beauty of an hand in a velvet glove Song Xialan, her gentle, quiet and refined, but gritty, stubborn growth in the stormy times. This is Lu Qian first appeared in the epic drama, the first challenge "wife" role, the fate of the road is worth looking forward to striking one snag after another. Lu Qian of the Republic of China presents a special challenge to break the wind, Lu Qian’s Song Xialan gentle Xianshu, born, when the crisis comes, she is willing to marry elder sister to get married, the guard regiment staff Lu Shaoyi, change the fate of the family with weak shoulders to assume the heavy responsibility of the family honor guard. The bandit invasion, country will break, will die, when faced with fire, she has no fear, cowardice, as in the past the gritty. This is the first challenge of Lu Qian beauty role, a dare to love and hate to love the great lady, regardless of personal danger. Lu said frankly that this drama is not only a rare opportunity for her is also a major breakthrough in their own acting, so she benefited. Lu Qian will be how to interpret this gentle and firm of beauty, the audience is looking forward to. Weiaichikuang Lu Qian incarnation wife Fortitude "love is in my future life make you love". It is reported that this drama played by Lu Qian LAN Xia song so rough, give up everything for love, the whole child point full enough tears. As a wife, she will abide by the duty, to take care of the Lu family all about his subordinates britherhood. No matter how her husband she chose to create all sorts of obstacles, never abandon, silent companionship, she experienced loneliness and grief at separation and joy in Union because love her pale, choose to stick to the Xing breeze blood rain, but also because of her love, dedication and effort. "Sister sister tonight" landing Anhui TV prime time, 7:35 night time launch. Want to know what is the Republic of legend, please continue to focus on Anhui satellite tv.相关的主题文章: