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[Sina] medical deputy director of the Harbin Red Cross Hospital Wang Jiyuan: strengthening self protection from hypertension (Sun Lixia Ding Lianlian) in October 8, 2016 nineteenth "National Hypertension Day", to attract public attention to the prevention and treatment of hypertension, hypertension and popularization of knowledge, enhance people’s awareness of self health care, deputy director of the Harbin Municipal Red Cross Hospital Wang Jiyuan to remind the general public should be reasonable control of blood pressure, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and risk of death. According to the deputy director of the Harbin Municipal Red Cross Hospital Wang Jiyuan introduction, hypertension is a common chronic disease, high incidence of harm, is the most important risk factor for stroke and coronary heart disease, hypertension, loss of control will lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, the mortality rate rose sharply, causing great harm to human health that is a major public health problem worldwide, but the bigger worry is that people neglect and lack of awareness for hypertension. Many people do not know how to deal with high blood pressure, then how to simply control the buck? In this regard, Wang Jiyuan, deputy director of the Department of Neurology for your science about those things about hypertension. A clear concept of hypertension is hypertension, blood pressure is rising as the characteristic of vascular damage by disease; on the same day three measurements, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure greater than or equal to or greater than 140 90mmHg can be diagnosed as hypertension. Two, what is the risk of high blood pressure is the most important risk factors for vascular disease. First the cerebrovascular disease in China in the cause of death of residents of the city, the country more than 1 million deaths annually, of which more than 75% of surviving patients have different degree of disability, causing heavy burden to individuals, families and society. The main risk factors of stroke are hypertension, sustained elevated blood pressure can cause heart, brain, kidney, systemic vascular damage, severe stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, renal failure, aortic dissection and other life-threatening clinical complications. Because some patients with hypertension have no obvious clinical symptoms, hypertension is also known as "invisible killer" of human health". The main misunderstanding three hypertensive patients, which is mainly manifested in the diagnosis of hypertension is not clear, ignoring the concept of lifestyle improvement, unwilling to premature medication, medication is not the rule, do not see or feel the effect of medication, according to symptoms estimated blood pressure, blood pressure is normal withdrawal, not seeking to buy their own medicine, take medicine not only check ignore the side effects of the drug, do not blindly pursue the specific circumstances to reach normal level according to the low blood pressure. The principle of treatment four, hypertension 1, small dose of initial treatment, gradually increase the amount; 2, the preferred long-acting formulation, stable blood pressure; 3, reasonable combination, increase the therapeutic effect, reduce adverse drug reactions; 4 patients, combined with individualized treatment. Five, high blood pressure control target of 1, adult general control target: < 90mmHg; 2, the general control target of the elderly: < 90mmHg; 3, with diabetes or renal insufficiency.相关的主题文章: