Sichuan’s poorest children in Liangshan for 10 years did not eat meat Official response (Figure)

Sichuan’s poorest children in Liangshan for 10 years did not eat meat? The official response (Figure) original title: on the "Sichuan’s poorest places have poor? Children ten years did not eat meat "incident response prototype in October 23rd, Tianya forwarded entitled" Sichuan youth express the poorest places with poor? Children ten years did not eat meat "posts. I pointed out that a group of 90 volunteers to Sichuan in Liangshan, shocked to see the local poverty. Since ten years, the child’s lunch is chilled potatoes and buckwheat bun, not to mention the meat; no money can not afford to repair the pen, and afraid of animals at night so cold, a family of 7 live mixed with cattle; a 7 year old boy from his birth until now has not washed, no the toilet at home, even the toilet paper are not seen…… The government responded recently circulated on the Internet called "Sichuan’s poorest places have poor children ten years did not eat meat" posts. The effect is: Liangshan’s poorest children, ten years did not eat meat, schools and so on in shreds and patches. So, is the big Liangshan really like this article? Small make up for you to uncover the truth. The truth: This is a false news put all sorts of things together! First, it can not find a description of the so-called facts of the exact year. The text of the sun in the picture, do not know what the era of shooting. If you look for a few photos on the Internet ten years ago, twenty years ago, can explain the current situation in Liangshan today? This is not intentional, or intentionally concealed, I am afraid that only the publishers know their true intentions! Second, fake names and schools. In the paper about "Puge County Township forward school". How does the author have about Puge County Township? Is there a progressive school? Not ah! It seems no publisher personally visited the Liangshan, it appeared the wrong person. Third, the basic common sense mistakes. And do not say to kill every family Yi New Year customs, weddings and funerals to get rid of cattle sheep, students often eat meat. In peacetime, Yi will kill chickens and hospitality guests, Yi ethnic customs have thousands of years of history, as long as have been to Liangshan, should know the basic knowledge of the least. Excuse me, you say "children ten years did not eat meat" is what you do is based on hearsay, or do you personally and they live for ten years? Truth two: Wei Luo Cun real situation in the school network today (on 2016) Puge small Wei Luo Cun today, small (taken in 2016) today is in the point (taken on 2016) Yuexi County Naituo Zhenyuan Naituo village teaching point (1996–2014 belongs to Zhuanmujiegou) in July 2014 after the demolition, relocation to the Naituo village activity room, there are 12 students in the first grade in September 2014. Because of the first grade students to the center school, September 2015 no admissions (the original small village teachers to Naituo town center school teacher), established in December 2015 as the "Nai Tuo village a village of a young teaching point", existing 38 children, 2 counselors. Xide County primary school boarding student dormitory and drag (taken on 2015) today is about Xide County Township Central School (on 2015) Puge County Luoji Mountain five Jing center school boarding student dormitory (taken in 2016.相关的主题文章: