Sichuan Normal University murder defendant requested the court hearing no mercy –

Sichuan Normal University murder defendant requested the court hearing "no mercy" – Beijing November 21st morning, Sichuan Normal University students Teng fellow roommate Lu Haiqing suspected of killing a criminal case in Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court. The families of the victims in Sichuan, British agent lawyer Chen Fengfeng and Liao Yong said that the accused of killing Teng Lu Hai Qing confessed to the crime, the court and the court will not relent when. About Teng surrendered, and after suffering from depression and mental identification results were assessed ability of taking criminal responsibility part, this trial did not give a clear response, the case will choose to continue the trial. On the evening of March 27, 2016, Lu Haiqing, a freshman at Sichuan Normal University, was killed when he was cut off by more than and 50 people in a dormitory study room by a certain number of students at the. Chengdu aerospace hospital issued a "death certificate" shows that Lu Haiqing died of head and neck injury. The next day, suspect Teng jingfangxingju. After the incident, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Longquanyi District branch of Sichuan forensic center to suspect Teng of forensic psychiatry, expert opinion is "Teng suffering from depression, illegal acts of March 27th assessed partial criminal responsibility". For the above identification results, the families of the victims expressed no recognition, and the two time before the court to apply for re identification. November 17th afternoon, the case in Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court held a hearing before the meeting, the court held that the case does not have the conditions for re identification, not to re identify the spirit. In November 21st, during the trial, the chief expert of Teng for forensic psychiatry court accepted questions in the court appointed position, 3 experts including him agree that Teng suffering from depression, the basis for the identification of China classification and diagnostic criteria of mental disorders in psychiatric branch of Chinese Medical Association prepared by the "Third Edition (CCMD3)". It is understood that the Ministry of justice stipulates that the standard applies to the national criminal cases involving the spirit of identification, but also the international standard. Previously, Teng mother said his son two times the implementation of Dutch act attempted in middle school, the successful rescue of second near to. But Chen Fengfeng and Liao Yong pointed out that Teng is really suffering from depression is questionable. School, Sichuan Normal University college students’ psychological health education service center of Teng of "self rating Depression Scale (SDS)" "Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (adult EFQ)" "personal evaluation form" and other psychological tests showed normal. In this regard, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of education of psychological health education in Colleges and universities, director of the Southwest Jiao Tong University Committee of experts on psychology research and consulting center Ning Weiwei previously accepted Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online interview with reporters said: "the psychological assessment scale can only represent the fill questionnaire of psychological status at the time or for a short period of time, can not represent the long-term situation after the environment will change, at the same time, does not rule out people fill out the questionnaire for defensive mentality, deliberately conceal their psychological state in filling the questionnaires, so it is difficult to scale up the real situation clearly." In addition, because there is no legal basis, suppression)相关的主题文章: