Show guest clips of Baron Chen get off spending delete lead suspect (video)

Show guest clips of Baron Chen to close delete exclusion cited conjecture [Abstract] love real reality show "the golden Bachelor" broadcast on the six, in addition to the program content is concerned, the guests talk also surging. "Golden Bachelor" Baron Chen and Tencent entertainment entertainment news love reality show "golden Bachelor" aired six, in addition to the contents of the program by the attention of the guests, the topic of discussion is also a high degree of heat. On Saturday, after the broadcast female guests Cui Zixuan was the abuse because of program performance, then she issued a document in micro-blog "has four consecutive period, did not happen and I don’t think, thank you let me become the show clips of female brains, accused the program to discredit her. At the same time show the hero Baron Chen micro-blog to delete the "golden Bachelor", micro-blog, and micro-blog to cancel other female guests attention, abnormal behavior of users also raised speculation that Baron Chen and the female guests what happened, including how to love hate. "The golden Bachelor" shows clips of Baron Chen Cui Zixuan denounced the Baron Chen conjecture "delete off lead win gold Bachelor" program each make a choice will lead to the discussion of the. From the first meeting called her "Cinderella", to give her the first chance to go on a separate date, Cui Zixuan concern. But at the end of a show in Sanya, Tucao reception Cui Zixuan anger goddess "you dislike me, sick ah, also put a little love Baron Chen, Cui Zixuan after the show in Zhang Xiao out laughing, swearing, smoking, let her become the object of netizens. Cui Zixuan in the latest issue of the program on a date when Li Xin rolled her eyes when she was elected Cinderella face off, she was scolded again to make all sorts of performance, Cui Zixuan in micro-blog voice: "excuse has four period, thanks to the program group ‘God clip’, let me in each period to female brains appear." And stressed that there was nothing to do, but added, "that’s the price of being yourself."." Before the show began broadcasting Baron Chen once in micro-blog and female guests, with each other on the "golden Bachelor" administrative micro-blog interaction, also released information, but recently some netizens pointed out that Baron Chen not only remove the relevant content of "golden Bachelor", also canceled the female guests attention, micro-blog content contact Cui Zixuan so, many netizens brain hole wide open speculation: what happened to Baron Chen and the female guests, and what is the love hate between them? Dong Li, Arale was also pit? The reality TV show "God clip" buzz "in addition to gold Bachelor", "real man" also lay the gun, Sun Yang earlier issued a "real man" for causing users misunderstanding, on the other side, Dong force, Arale’s "daughter files" side also appeared many questioned the voice of Dong Li whether Arale is too cold? Is there many netizens questioned the program to help Arale Dong force to comb the hair, make dinner and other details, that its participation in the program show a greater extent than the degree of love "daughter". But there are also Netizens found in Dong force also shows many intimate details, but were not cut into positives. Earlier, the flowers and young in the quiet was black, Zheng Shuang and other issues such as less interactive, have been pointed out that the problem of editing is the problem of editing, and so on. The "golden Bachelor" female guests denounced the program editing problem once again detonated network of public opinion, there is no limit相关的主题文章: