Shijiazhuang flight conference 4 people were killed in a plane crash – Sohu

The Shijiazhuang Congress of flight of a plane crash killed 4 people – the Sohu news at 4 yesterday afternoon 2 points, the accident held in Shijiazhuang District of Luancheng general aviation flight exhibition and love to fly off the meeting, one for the tourist experience of flying an aircraft crashed in the side of the runway in the field. According to the Organizing Committee of the general assembly, said the aircraft, including 1 pilots, passengers flying experience of 3 people, all of these people were killed, no casualties on the ground. Cause of the accident is under further investigation. It is reported that the flight conference held love to fly off in 13, closing 16, equipped with aerobatics and flying experience activities. One of the tourists to visit the flight conference yesterday, 4 pm yesterday, a small plane is flying in the sky, suddenly fell to the ground near the fall, issued a loud noise, smoke, and fire engines and ambulances rushed to the rescue scene. According to a video shot, the white small aircraft in flight, the flight direction is a piece of farmland in the plane, "turned" at the same time, the fall, fall in the farmland, then exploded. Some tourists on the scene said the flight was scheduled to host the festival last night, but due to the cancellation of the accident. A witness said the plane was undergoing flight experience activities. It is reported that the general assembly of the love to fly off a ticket 150 yuan, every day is a stunt flying and flying experience, came to the scene of the visitors can participate in the flight experience, single costs 500 yuan to 700 yuan, the price model and the seating position decided that each flight experience about 10 minutes. According to the 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and conference organizing committee flight love to fly off the news released yesterday, the accident aircraft belonging to the hawk 500 aircraft, the plane crashed on the runway on the south side of farmland, the crew of 1 people, including the pilot experience flight of 3 passengers dead, no ground casualties. After the incident, the relevant departments evacuated tourists. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. It is reported that 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and the opening ceremony of flight love to fly in September 13th in Shijiazhuang District of Luancheng, to the 16 day closing schedule. This conference has come from more than 50 domestic and international general aviation manufacturing and operating enterprises nearly 150 aircraft will be held during the exhibition, aerobatics, aviation, aviation Festival carnival, the general aviation industry development summit and other activities. In aerobatics, 5 domestic aerobatic team 30 aircraft participated in the show, super low flying, small somersault, hovering in the air, and a synchronous stall turn flight. Text newspaper reporter Yang Lin Qu Chang相关的主题文章: