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Shanghai will fully integrate merit evaluation of high school comprehensive quality to comprehensive education – reporter Gong Jieyun Xu Qin in Shanghai, many high school has already implemented a comprehensive quality evaluation system, and carry out all kinds of curriculum development, has been in the system in the course of "use" the problem of evaluation of such confusion. Fudan University and other 4 universities published a review to the using of the information, means the formal standards of ordinary high school comprehensive quality evaluation and college enrollment. Middle school principal Zhang Zhimin think, now "soft reference" to "hard reference" will change only a fraction of the tendency of evaluation benchmark, to guide high school education pays more attention to comprehensive education, put forward clear requirements for high quality education, let the students in high school such a growth transition, you can plan ahead for their own life. Rich experience in social practice occupation in October this year, more than 200 students Cao Yang Erzhong will go to Gansu national poverty counties in Huining County in agricultural practice, for a period of 9 days. The study of social practice has entered the school in fifth years. In the local, students not only examine the poor rural areas, but also to complete various independent subjects. In Wang Yang’s view, the long-term adherence to social practice is not just a simple labor, but also a very meaningful rural investigation, social practice and research learning tied together. Shanghai has established a comprehensive quality evaluation system for high school students from 2014, according to the provisions of the city’s high school students social practice of not less than 90 days, of which no less than 60 hours of volunteer service. All high school with its own characteristics, local conditions and the area where the streets and other units to organize all kinds of social practice. Shanghai City experimental school students dream of Shen Tianzheng, after two years is admitted to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School, become a doctor in the future. In a complex medical practice of Renji Hospital, did not make him retreat, instead of the occupation early experience made him more determined to be a physician. "In social practice, children first feel the need, and then begin to love it." Wang Feihong, vice president of high school said. In the practice of the hospital position, the school so that students interested in participating in medical and health work to apply for their own, merit selection, many students take the initiative to complete the 60 hours of volunteer service, said it would continue to participate. "With the characteristics of different bases, according to their own interests and conditions, designed to meet the volunteer post high school student practice, enhance the understanding of social customs in practice, enrich the students’ occupation experience, this is not a social practice and occupation career education of heart?" Wang Feihong said. Study questions change buried brush in Shanghai, many high school students in addition to actively participate in the volunteer service (public welfare labor), according to personal interests and hobbies, the classroom class, course learning, extracurricular participation, Mu class hands-on practice a variety of ways, independent investment in research study of rich and colorful and comprehensive practice. High school students learning style is quietly changing. West High School Students Xu Ruitong is determined to apply for engineering specialty, the school system for her exemption will have more time to participate in research learning. Under the guidance of the teacher, she not only finished相关的主题文章: