Shanghai, Minhang — — build a low carbon harmonious waterfront (video) melia kreiling

Shanghai: Minhang – Binjiang to build low-carbon harmonious waterfront surging Pu River, is a unique natural landscape resources, also brings endless possibilities for the development of coastal areas. Minhang District has 39 kilometers long coastline of Binjiang, although there is a lot of sand gathering docks and factories, but also not included in the next year in the public space must run through 45 kilometers of coastline, but in 13th Five-Year " " " planning; in the transformation of Minhang Binjiang has been long-awaited, ready to go. Minhang is located in the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, the river One divides into two. The coastline is connected with Pudong, about 12 kilometers long, the future, here will build a ecological corridor along the Yangtze river. Puxi side shoreline length of 27 kilometers, from Songjiang, stretching more than and 10 kilometers, the natural formation of a 90 degree turn, the Bay Pujiang Bay in the first " " reputation. The first Pujiang Bay on the west side of the corner, Zizhu waterfront shoreline, about 5 km long. At present, an ecological wetland park has been built. The hydrophilic platform built by the shoreline, the garden is also a forest wetland, whether it is a listening flute, or walk the lungs, here is a good place for urban people to relax. The place is surrounded by the shoreline Zizhu Hi-Tech Park, has formed an integrated circuit and software, digital audio-visual, aviation, clean energy, new materials and Life Sciences, the six major industries, attracting a large number of regional headquarters and R & D center. As of the end of last year, settled enterprises reached 885, the annual tax of more than $4 billion 800 million. Along the Binjiang coastline and Wujing Zizhu Chemical District, about 7 km long. This piece of land along the smokestacks, pipeline aspect, lined with 14 municipal enterprises, including Huayi energy, chlor alkali chemical industry, chemical plants and other old three alpha two home appliance factory. As the only country into the old industrial base in Shanghai to adjust the scope of the planning and transformation of the region, Wujing upgrade has been imperative, Qu Wu Road " green chemical " was the first to shut down. Green chemical after shutting down the old plant was retained and converted into a car culture industrial park, the development of automobile cinema, drift and other formats. With the comprehensive environmental remediation work to promote, more old buildings are experiencing the dragon for birds. Wu Jingan along the line is just north of the border with Xuhui Minhang Binjiang promoter region. The coastline is about 1470 meters long, don’t look now or grit wharf and plant, according to the plan, it will open up all the transformation of public space. Minhang District mayor Zhu Zhisong said that the future of innovation, Minhang Binjiang to build innovation center in the southern area, gathering area of the fashion industry, providing a leisure and entertainment area for the city of Shanghai city. Minhang Binjiang is not only an important part of the ecological network system of the city, but also shoulders the important task of water conservation in the upper reaches of Huangpu river. By the Binjiang development opportunity, a series of environmental remediation, tenglonghuanniao measures will be implemented in succession in Minhang coast, the entire Pujiang cross-strait environment, industrial upgrading, will play an important role. Looking forward to landing with the 13th Five-Year plan, nearby residents from Minhang version of the the Bund gold coastline, more gain a sense of realization. Binjiang Road: Zuiwo Street (mobile phone stolen this video only)相关的主题文章: