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Advertising Do you own a small bookstore or just have a collection of books that you want to sell? Whether you have a local bookstore, an online bookstore, or are just an individual, Free Classified Ads can help you sell your books. Placing free classified ads will get you traffic to your physical store or to your online business. And it will get you sales calls which will give you the opportunity to up sell. With a local bookstore that has a physical address a free classified ad is the way to go for several reasons. First, classifieds will make customers aware of your bookstore. Maybe they didnt realize you were close by. Or maybe they didnt know your business hours. A free classified ad can do wonders for your business. If youre the owner of an online bookstore free classified ads can expand your presence. They can help with several things. A free classified can be placed for each individual book. If you use a free classified ad site that offers clickable links youve just added a couple more doors to you online bookstore. If the classified site has dofollow links the arrow pointing to your store just got a little bigger. A dofollow link will help your website jump in rankings. Google and other search engines pay more attention to the website that has links. A link is the equivalent of a vote of confidence in search engines eyes. The more links, the more votes your site gets, and the higher it will appear in search engines results. To check whether a free classified website offers the good links just Google nofollow. Youll get all the advice you need. As an individual seller of books a Free Classified Ad is great for one big reason. They are free!! In addition a free classified ad gives you the flexibility of deciding how youll be contacted. If you dont want to take a phone call, dont put one in your ad. If you want to be contacted by email but dont want to publish your email address there is a solution for you. Any free classified ad site that is worth their salt will mask your email in a contact form. That way the person making the email inquiry will not see your email until you are ready for them to. When placing a free classified ad, particularly for books, its important to be as detailed as possible. When selling other items the advice would be not to write a book about the item. Keep it short and sweet. A book is a little bit different. Particularly with vintage books. With antique books youll want to give the overall condition of the book, the year it was printed, the copyright date, the author, and which printing it was. First editions are always much sought after. Does the book have a dust jacket? If so put that in the free classified ad. Is the binding in good shape? Tell that. One of the most important things about selling old books online is to take pictures and post those as well. Using Free Classified Ads can help take an online bookstore to its next level. The beauty of using free classifieds is they are free, easily controlled, and are another window for the world to peek in your bookstore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: