Scientific and technological innovation to illuminate the green low-carbon road – the rapid developm ca1810

Light green and low-carbon technology innovation of low carbon industry rapid development — Hunan channel — science and Technology Department of Hunan province attaches great importance to the development and promotion of clean and low carbon technology, in recent years, total integration of national provincial and municipal financial science and technology funds more than 1 billion 600 million yuan, to support large enterprises with high school in the implementation of major science and technology projects 210 a centralized, breaking a number of prominent features, obvious advantages of clean and low carbon technology, supporting green low carbon industry in Hunan rapid development of energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, the provincial science and Technology Department to optimize the integration of resources, and constantly enhance the ability of independent innovation in Hunan. The new ASEM water resources research and development center, the national water security industry science and Technology Innovation Center (Hunan) and other major scientific and technological innovation institutions; the formation of the national heavy metal pollution prevention engineering technology research center more than and 20 major innovation platform, guide the existing resources around the clean low-carbon technology extension of the field of research and development. For example, Central South University has successfully developed the key technologies such as biological treatment of heavy metal wastewater, soil remediation and so on, which provides an important technical support for the treatment of heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang River basin. Provincial Science and Technology Department also organized to carry out energy-saving emission reduction technology special action, the integration of national, provincial and municipal financial science and technology funds, support large enterprises joint colleges implementation of major science and technology projects, driven enterprises invested nearly 10 billion yuan, exceeded 900 a number of clean and low carbon technology. Breaking through the bottleneck of a number of strategic emerging industries. CSR times joint Tsinghua University to carry out research on the key technology of electric vehicles, to promote Zhuzhou to become the nation’s first electric city bus; wasion group joint Changsha University of Science and Technology, China Science and technology development since the new smart meters and other research on the key technology of smart grid research, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. At the same time, a number of traditional industries to upgrade the key technologies have been able to break through. Wastewater treatment technique of heavy metal smelting, Zhuzhou Smelter Group joint Central South University and other breakthrough, make heavy metal wastewater group reached the standard discharge and recycling; Hunan Zhicheng Chemical joint Hunan University of Technology, breakthrough technology using metallurgical solid waste cascade, will enable millions of tons of waste residue of Zhuzhou Qingshuitang area accumulated decades in 5 years by all. (reporter Tang Aiping Intern Xie Huijuan) (Chen Qinxing Lu, commissioning editor: Zeng)相关的主题文章: