Sakura empty release when the king! Shidi Ma Tianyu orders the

Sakura empty release when the king! Shidi Ma Tianyu orders the domineering Sakura empty release end when the king Ma Tianyu Sakura empty release when King Ma Tianyu Sakura empty release ice king handsome styling all over the Sina entertainment news last night, "-" the "ice king dispute was finally settled, Ma Tianyu [micro-blog] as Yingkong Shi wanted to become king of ice, and has always been to does your son show people the image of Ma Tianyu, in the" – "when the three of the commander of the" ice king ", by the gods, not only the majesty domineering king of the wind, and the decision to kill. From "Gu Jian" in naughty wealthy young master Fang Lansheng and all the young Jin Lei hostility to revenge, "the young detective Dee" childe Wang Yuanfang in a graceful bearing with unusual deportment, to have the fairy house beautiful man Murong white film "never thought", and then we see now "-" plays the four corners of the Sakura empty release, Li Tianjin, "the world Buddhism" and the sword of the spirit. Ma Tianyu has never played a role in these years. Fang Lansheng early mid naivete, persistent efforts, the "blue dad" clear, Ma Tianyu played a young change grows up gradually, the audience seemed to follow him through a process of growth; and another character "Jin Lei" scenes, although rarely, is strong explosive force, Ma Tianyu precision instantly switch to make a lot of viewers forget this two characters is actually played by a person. The film "never thought" in the Murong white also has three different periods, although the film is limited in time and space, the appearance of each of the people are at a glance, Ma Tianyu. Ma Tianyu played in the "-" the Sakura empty release, when the ice queen and crown top, "phoenix" robe plus body, although the left wearing goggles, but did not affect him as the "three" king of majesty and domineering, more assertive and revealing a trace of faint haggard Wang confident, daunting tremble with fear.相关的主题文章: