Rondo the first four seasons of the new season forecast outside the world is simply ridiculous (vide-adobe gamma

Rondo: the new season four target in the eastern outside forecast is simply ridiculous fake big ten Lang coquettish 1v4 Akira opponent Wade was playing silly Tencent sports news September 30th bull CSN in an interview with reporters guard Rajon said, outside of their next season forecast is ridiculous, and he expected the team is East four. Rondo hope the team can enter the eastern four this summer Chicago bulls had a big shake, they bid farewell to Nuo A, Ross two Thibodeau era core player, let go of the veteran Paul – Gasol. In addition, they also ushered in the summer Rondo, Wade two players. But in many of the predictions, the bulls are in the top eight, and some even predict they will be in the top four. When the reporter threw the question for a long time, the defender said he had seen this prediction, but did not agree: I have to laugh at that (forecast), our goal is to enter the top four in the east." Leinsdoff, the former boss of the bulls, has said he would not be willing to predict the Bulls next season, but it is a reminder that they did not react badly to the top teams last season. Last season, the Bulls made only 42 wins and 40 losses, but in the face of the Raptors and the Cavaliers in eight games, they have won seven games. And such a record may not be a key factor in the reconstruction of the bull, general manager Forman said that the bull will not be rebuilt, this summer’s operation should be called "restructuring". When a reporter asked the bulls will not give people a pleasant surprise, Rondo is directly interrupted his words, of course, we want to make people surprised." (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: