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Real-Estate Selecting the best keyword for your website is always dicey. We tried various ways to choose and target a particular keyword for e.g. if you have a real estate website and have property in Vancouver, how can you be sure if the keyword Rent Vancouver drives traffic to your website? Website owners tend to believe that driving traffic amounts to business but this perception is wrong. If your target keyword is Rent Vancouver then your website should offer rental services at Vancouver. If you are selling a property in Vancouver then the keyword Rent Vancouver is not the correct keyword for your website. You have to understand what your prospective customer would key in to look for your services. It is obvious that prospective clients keying in Rent Vancouver in Google are looking to rent a property in Vancouver and not to purchase property at Vancouver. So, if you are selling property at Vancouver and you target the keyword Rent Vancouver means you have chosen the wrong keyword even if the keyword Rent Vancouver is at #1 position on Google. The keyword Rent Vancouver is very generic, in the sense that everyone who is looking to rent an office, house, land etc., at Vancouver will key in Rent Vancouver in Google. So, any website who is having multiple properties in Vancouver for rent can target the keyword Rent Vancouver but if your website is offering specific properties on rent i.e. if you have only houses on rent at Vancouver then Rent Vancouver wouldnt be the perfect keyword. Most of the website owners also tend to believe that the keyword Rent Vancouver and Vancouver Rent are similar, the answer is NO. If you key in the keyword Rent Vancouver in Google it will return a .petition of 3.2 millions whereas the keyword Vancouver Rent has 2.2 millions as .petition. Rent Vancouver and Vancouver rent may sound similar but they are 2 different keywords in the eyes of Google and will be treated as 2 target keywords in SEO. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: