Renewable Heat A Preferred Alternative Energy

Business Heat consumption in UK is on the rise. With fast depleting non renewable heat resources and alarming increase in carbon emissions, UK has to look out for other available sources of heat energy such as biomass boilers, solar thermal water heaters, sustainable biogas, stoves, air-source and ground-source heat pumps, , biomethane and bioliquids and so on. As prescribed by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), UK has to generate almost 12% of its heat from renewable sources by the year end of 2020 as against the present heat generation of approximately 1%. With the introduction of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, the government encourages more and more use of renewable energy sources. The Renewable Heat Incentive is likely to .e into practice by April 2011. Through the introduction of renewable heat incentive, people are encouraged to receive incentives while they enjoy reduced energy bills. These incentives are offered across various levels of energy consumption for relatively long periods of time. The incentives are offered on the type of technology used and the tariff work and are proposed to offer you approximately 12% return on investment on an annual basis against the costs you incur in producing your own heat. You could use renewable heat which is offered at no extra cost and is eco-friendly to a great extent. All you are required to do is invest in an air source heat pump or a water source heat pump or even a ground source heat pump , generate your own energy and enjoy an incentive on it for a relatively long period. The incentive offered in most cases will enable you to lower your energy bills and even receive some amount of money against your investment and usage of the renewable energy sources. Beginning with small scale installations, air source heat pump up to 45 kW attract 7.5 p/kWh tariff with an 18 years Tariff Lifetime. In the same manner a ground source heat pump of scale up to 45 kW will attract a tariff of 7 p/kW for a period of 23 years. On the other hand medium scale installations of air source and ground source heat pumps attract 5.5 p/kW and 2 p/kW respectively for a 20 year period. Lastly, for large installation of a ground source heat pump in the range of 350kW and above, tariff stands at 1.5k for a 20 year lifetime. People have to adopt methods which utilize renewable heat energy sources in order to reduce dependence on non renewable energy sources and carbon emissions as well. By undertaking the Renewable Heat Incentive proposal forward, people more and more people are likely to switchover to use of air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps which are as required for making UK a better and a greener place to live. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: