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Red Net ten years change! Ceekay Papi power network red sauce Fengshenbang 2006 – 2016 red net is the rapid development from scratch in ten years, coinciding with the tenth year, Sina entertainment special planning special network # red Fengshenbang #, to tease out the ten Chinese first generation network red, through interviews and people to explore the depth of sketch their mentality and life trajectory changes. In this project, Sina exclusive interview to "Red Net originator" Ceekay, energy-saving, Xiahe, and they talked for ten years changes network feelings. At the same time, there is a good luck on the Papi sauce for the first time online video interview, take you to enjoy the interview under the lens is not the same papi. We try to through the analysis of the first generation network for ten years to change to calm the burst of red, red net expected to now a little development of inspiration and thinking. Ceekay then issued Papi sauce first years of silence accept media video dialogue network # Fengshenbang # to China red red in the first generation network of the first batch of famous network reds, with "offbeat" personal label, a few degrees caused netizens hot. They are Mu Zimei, sister Furong [micro-blog], Zheng Chen, Ceekay, Wang Sicong. [micro-blog], cat power, Xiahe, energy-saving, Zhang Xinyuan. Among them, rarely interviewed by the media, netizens as "Red Net originator" of Ceekay, the face of Sina entertainment, changes over the years and share their exclusive attitude of life. Early in the network on the fashion collocation fame of twin sisters, energy-saving, also accepted an exclusive interview with sina entertainment. Talk about the popular view of life network feelings and now created their own clothing brand. Papi sauce is also the first online video interview. Unlike in a short video ofexcellentquality in Papi slightly, Papi is the first face of the network interview footage of his journey, to share with the true voice, the more the true nature of the side show to the audience. By combing the ten landmark primary network red, red net # Fengshenbang # attracted enormous attention in the network, only micro-blog topic amount of reading, reached 20 million 995 thousand. The depth of the dialogue between the ten networks to explore the future development of the network red road ten years ago, they rely on the "alternative" unique label, red; after the past two years, they have quietly changed identity. Some of the new image to remain active in the network, such as Ceekay; some are not related to the name of a low-key stealth, such as Zheng Chen; others switch to start the business, such as Xiahe, energy-saving. They have found, after the red, the way to go. Heat this kind of thing, the timeliness is very strong, even when talking about to be in full swing, ten years later, can remember the deeds of the people have been unpopular in the minority, after years of baptism, more like the hype gimmick, stay true, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, or unique personality and distinctive uninhibited personality. As the first "eat crab" person, they walk through the noise, the initial network with free youth after they grow more clearly what is really popular network, to bring them, also came to understand that you want)相关的主题文章: