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Debt-Consolidation Are you a soccer mom constantly running kids to this field and that field all over the county on a daily basis? Do you find that you are always lugging a chair or chairs around with you or wish you could replace your portable folding chairs with something new? With new innovations in frame materials, pivot materials and seating materials, you can find just about any kind of portable folding chairs in just about any kind of retail stores even your local grocery store. In the past the only folding chairs available were the plastic or metal folding varieties that were rather cumbersome and very difficult to carry more than a short distance. Engineers and sporting goods manufacturers like Macabee (MAC Sports), Northpole and Yuan Yhen have been refining the portable chair market for nearly two decades. There are basically two types of portable folding chairs. There are the types designed for going around tables or in convention, meeting or other types of halls and then there are what are often referred to as "bag" chairs. The first type is the standard type of plastic or metal folding chairs that you use around a card table or as extra chairs in the basement. Many times these kinds of portable folding chairs are used in church halls and other types of halls for weddings or other gatherings. They are also used at outdoor picnics and shelters and as rental chairs. These chairs are really only portable in ones or twos. To transport more than a couple of these metal or metal and plastic monsters you need to have a cart that is designed to hold upwards of twenty of these chairs and is on rollers. The cart is usually designed only to roll on hard surfaces so if you need to set up an outdoor tent for a graduation party these chairs are hand carried from the delivery truck to the table areas. The second type of portable folding chairs or ‘bag’ chairs as they are called in the sporting goods industry .e in a variety of models from many manufacturer’s in China. Most of these chairs feature nylon seats and backs and arms if equipped. Some will have cup holders and some will .e with a footstool and sometimes a canopy for shade. More deluxe versions have heavier padded fabric for the seats and are more ergonomically sound for greater .fort. Standard bag chairs can be had for as little as ten dollars or less while some deluxe versions with a collegiate team license or NFL team license can run as much as forty dollars or more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: