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People’s Daily: the fitness and health hype both fairness and efficiency – Beijing the day before, China state-owned enterprise restructuring fund Limited by Share Ltd was established in beijing. It is understood that the fund entrusted by the State Council SASAC Chengtong Group led by China, the postal savings bank, China Merchants Group, Sinopec and other central enterprises to participate in investment, the total size of 350 billion yuan. So far, the SASAC identified the state-owned capital venture capital fund and state-owned enterprise restructuring fund, the two state-owned enterprise reform fund has been set up. Analysts pointed out that the recent reform initiatives often fall, means that in the next period, between state-owned and state-owned enterprises to optimize their quality and efficiency between state owned enterprises and restructuring, from social capital, will "hype" reform into the fast lane. Therefore, people also have reason to enhance state-owned enterprises further realize the fitness and health of confidence. Centralized resource restructuring and upgrading of state-owned enterprise restructuring fund has just been established, the intention to promote the transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises is very obvious. It is understood that the fund will promote the state-owned enterprises to achieve docking of traditional industries and strategic emerging industries; promote the advantages of industry group and the scientific research institutes restructuring and integration of the increase of new technologies, new products, new joint development efforts; build financial platform for cooperation and international production platform to support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; global resources and capacity advantages investment in mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the ability of enterprises to participate in international market competition. SASAC director Xiao Yaqing says that the current central business sector is part of industry overcapacity, and some industries have a serious shortage of supply; there is a lot of low-end product sales are sluggish, and a number of high-end products can not meet the demand. Xiao Yaqing stressed that the establishment of the fund to focus on the advantages of resources to promote the innovation of enterprises to accelerate the pace of development, to promote the state capital to strategic, forward-looking industry concentration, concentration to the industrial chain of high-end, high-end and expanding effective supply. Finally, to maximize the efficiency of resource allocation and utilization efficiency of state-owned capital. In fact, the major state-owned enterprises have been in their own efforts to transform. For example, China National Chemical Corp recently for the first time in material science, life science, advanced manufacturing, basic chemical business segments form international exhibition debut, released at the same time, logistics and electronic business platform to provide transaction information such as a full range of services for customers; for example, Chinese Zhongche group, and Bombardier Transportation Group signed a strategic agreement, for the two sides in specific project cooperation, complementary advantages and capacity share of the global market to establish a framework for rail transportation equipment. Industrial upgrading of state-owned enterprises need the necessary financial support in order to expand R & D, upgrading the structure. It can be said that the establishment of state-owned enterprise restructuring fund is a ‘timely rain’." Liu Rui, Professor of economics at Renmin University of China. The pilot phase of the nuclear construction and China from focusing on a high temperature gas cooled reactor main equipment manufacturing field to carry out comprehensive cooperation, the aircraft industry will be transferred to all the real estate business group; vigorously streamline headquarters from COFCO and textile group reorganization, and then to treasure steel group and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group to implement the "combination"…… Today, state owned enterprises".相关的主题文章: