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Peggy: 15 minutes before the performance lose with incredible [Yanbian 3-2] report China end of 3 victorious Rick bison 2 ball to the Savior Tencent September 16th sports news on the afternoon of 17 in the twenty-fifth round, Yanbian flight home court 3-2 victory over Hebei Huaxia happiness. After the game, the Chinese coach Pellegrini said that the game lost his incredible, but he expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance, especially in the first 15 minutes of performance. For this game, Pellegrini published his own view: "this game finally lose me incredible, especially 15 minutes before we played particularly well, and made the first goal, there are 4 to 5 times a golden opportunity. But the last two minutes of the first half, we unnecessary fouls gave away a penalty in the last 1 minutes of a chance to give the opponent a chance to fight back, let the opponent at halftime, in the first half they didn’t have much chance." Happy Chinese coach Pellegrini Pellegrini said: "in the second half we soon equalised, this is to pay for first half of the second half of our mistakes, in fact there are some opportunities, including top side than the sub. In any case, I am very happy with the game, the first 43 minutes to play the football I want to see, but the defensive side needs to be strengthened, because we lost the game the first two goals should not be." This game, the Chinese happy 4 players got a yellow card, just returned to the iron gate in the home of the Yellow River in the end of the two yellow. For these a lot of unnecessary fouls, Pellegrini said: "I have to lead the team for 4-5 days, but 40 minutes before the game we had 3 players booked, and all defensive players, these rules are not necessary, we need more patience in defense." In this game, there are a lot of Chinese happiness is not to seize the opportunity, a reporter asked Pellegrini whether to consider introducing striker for next season. Pellegrini replied: "now we only consider the remaining 5 games this season, other things are not considered. One thing is for sure, that’s what I said yesterday, and now every player should use performance to prove they are worth staying in the club." (Han Jun)相关的主题文章: