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Park Hae Jin hearts fans hair welfare warm heart full crowned "fans" Park Hae Jin Park Hae Jin and the Tencent fan entertainment news recently, Korean actor Park Hae Jin to celebrate the establishment of the official fan club CLUB Jin ‘s, specially organized to invite you to the inaugural ceremony Jin "s home" as the theme of the. It is worth mentioning that the Park Hae Jin has invited more than 2000 domestic and overseas fans spend a happy time, in order not to burden the fans, all the expenses shall be borne by the company and Park Hae Jin himself. Park Hae Jin fan club was founded out of pocket benefits big run not long ago, South Korean actor Park Hae Jin held the inaugural ceremony to "invite you to" Jin s "as the theme of" CLUB Jin s of the Yonsei University in Seoul in the theater. The creation of the ceremony by Park Hae Jin and brokerage companies responsible for their own expenses for the full amount of expenses. In fact, as early as April this year at the Park Hae Jin meeting debut ten anniversary of fans, Park Hae Jin and brokerage companies together to prepare about 200 million won, invited about 4500 fans free admission gongxiangshengju. This time in order to commemorate the establishment of their own official fan club CLUB s, Park Hae Jin gathered more than 2000 fans in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and other countries and regions together to spend a good time. Activities began, Park Hae Jin first introduced to the fans club managers and expressed their gratitude to them. Then, on the big screen to play the voice of the actor’s first online comic, "you do not know the private life of the big star" Park Hae Jin. The comic book author, hyesso, was also invited to participate in the creation of the ceremony, and at the scene to share with fans the creation of the comic story behind the scenes and the creation of feelings. Park Hae Jin led to expensive gift hearts of fans before the establishment of super love ceremony held on the Park Hae Jin fans had specifically issued a notice, in order to better fan culture, leave a good precedent, prohibiting the fans give expensive gifts. In the face of the fans with a paper towel made of cake, in the restaurant takeout meal, fire products, feather duster and other magical housewarming gift, Park Hae Jin laugh, very happy. In the subsequent "must win Park Hae Jin!" In the game, by the Park Hae Jin team and CLUB Jin ‘s team launched 5 against 5. After the preliminaries, composed by fans of CLUB Jin’s and the team composed of strong man Park Hae Jin’s team of fierce competition, the final CLUB Jin ‘s victory. Eventually Park Hae Jin will accept the punishment, will travel to Jeju Island (table specified) launched "free hug". Towards the end of the day, Park Hae Jin said to the fans, "I really want to give my best love to the people I love the most." He will be brought from home to the model, sports shoes, TV series, "cheese trap," the script and other precious items introduced to everyone, and revealed the next work, "Man X Man" in the characters and other news. Although many China fans can not arrive at the scene to feel the atmosphere, but on the Internet have a message said: "Obama is typical相关的主题文章: