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Online shopping has special service insurance baby diapers are red ass insurance for consumers, orders in the shopping cart at the moment the mood is excited, waiting for the parcel day is long, after receiving the package found goods not board is the collapse of the heart. But careful consumers may have noticed that for some large probability of industry pain points, many seem strange and eccentric insurance projects have been listed in the network. Also online shopping shoes unglued loading… Can see Paul in a Tmall mother flagship store reporter, the store almost all diapers with a red ass without "insurance. According to the introduction, with the insurance to buy diapers, consumers in the baby received within 60 days after the baby that occurred during the red ass, you can launch a red ass free service. In another online beauty shop, the reporter also found a "worry free insurance" goods. Similarly, within 60 days after receiving the goods, if consumers use skin allergies, businesses will be committed to effective treatment within 48 hours. In addition to the "red ass insurance" and "cosmetic allergy risks", as well as the turtle speed danger "," clothes fade danger "," shoes degumming danger "," fresh rotten insurance and other insurance programs have appeared in the network shopping. So how do these new insurance claims? Reporters learned that the image recognition technology is one of the important applications of nuclear compensation process. For example, the decay in fresh cosmetic allergy consumption insurance, technology can be a huge picture library, than to identify the informant is uploaded real pictures, or repeated use of others for skin allergies or pictures, download the rotten fruit pictures. Combined with the judgment of the credit level of claims, 90% claims can be completed online in a short time, without any human intervention. At the same time the reporter found, from the emergence of a new trend in the online shopping, connect stores also began to introduce this form. For example, the United States, before the launch of "low security risks" — in a certain period of time, the purchase of consumer appliances in stores, will automatically receive a "low price guarantee insurance". If within 15 days, consumers buy home appliance products appear with the money commodity prices higher than other normal home appliance retail sale situation, will be in charge of the enterprise to fulfill the "low security risks" related processes, so that consumers in the first time to get the full price of compensation. 9 insurance companies to provide 30 kinds of consumption insurance for our consumers, he hopes not only rich in commodities, shopping goods fast, good quality, low price, quality assurance, service for the ultimate customer service, free needs are constantly upgrading. Thus came into being a series of new types of insurance, in fact, is a new field of the global insurance industry, called consumer insurance. The earliest consumer insurance, is the return of freight insurance". The mode of business practice after approval, began to rapidly expand into all aspects of each category of goods, trade, development today, insurance consumption has almost become small and micro businesses operating just. Consumer insurance is broadly divided into five categories. Including, quality assurance category (such as clothes fade risk, shoes degumming insurance, fresh rot risk, etc.), logistics support class (such as return freight insurance, logistics damage insurance), after sale protection相关的主题文章: