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North horse last one spray marathon scam: I want to cut off the marathon marathon data. After the recent heat transfer type "Chinese marathon and Carnival" commercial fraud, deceive under the driving of a paper, my legs are almost scared off automatically. (even the Tsinghua University related public numbers have changed, so this paper raised a black marathon carnival) this evil article, like the cult of the doctrine, full of flicker, intimidation, and feel good. I had read the big breath, as mentioned in the article, the marathon is not death disability, touch my leg still; touched her chest, a heartbeat, alive. It’s lucky, thank god! While I have breath, must stand out at this type of rebuttal wizard. In order to achieve the purpose of intimidation, "and" the author of an article by Carnival are used, we look at what the layman can do. The beginning of "cheat" and the carnival, came such a Shazhao: in March this year, the Guangdong Qingyuan marathon, the media dubbed the "injured" marathon, a total of twenty thousand players, 12 thousand people receiving treatment. Note that this case, 12 thousand people receiving treatment, is a very confusing statement. Participated in the marathon knows a little bit of pain, past a spray continued to run, which is also called treatment, and not lying down can not move, can be called treatment. It is true that 12 thousand people have been treated, then the 90% may have played a few spray only. Moreover, the 12 thousand people should probably use the "12 thousand" more appropriate (and later the official also gave the "people"). A marathon, 12 thousand people really hurt, it is not in the China marathon, pro, this should be the marathon in Iraq: to avoid running side shot. (too many to count, a lot, very few, it is said that this is a new statistical method, only the marathon) as a former media person, I know that, after a lot of news report, will be more and more evil, the more evil case, is this kind of love with the rumormongers weapon: Rumor in Trinidad, kills. In this case there is little evidence is not fun, "and" the authors continue to deceive the carnival a day flight Xian — according to statistics, long-distance and marathon athletes died of cardiovascular disease accounted for 77.5%. Hey mom, this 77.5% is a nuclear weapon, it is God, where the data ah? It is said to be "according to statistics". Tell me, 77.5%, even the decimal point is so precise, in the end come from? It will not be the National Bureau of statistics, and drag the hind legs? Since the author of this article is lazy, I will work hard, ask Baidu. As a result, or an article does not know the source of the above said, according to statistics". Oh, this may be the mystery of the world. This paradoxical data and statements, more than one place, it is almost all of the data is ready to accept either course, designed to give the country a fortune teller, full of "marathon on)相关的主题文章: